Guide for WordPress beginners


WordPress is very popular among bloggers and as a content management system platform. Getting started with WordPress might be little tricky for the first timer, and they usually need video tutorials, and guides to get started. There are many paid tutorials out there, which teaches you how to use WordPress, but at the same time there are many free resources also available.

Guide for WordPress beginners
Guide for WordPress beginners


Here I have written enough tutorials to get you started with WordPress, and every month I’m adding new guides, videos to make your WordPress journey more easier. Here I’m compiling a list of articles, which a beginner WordPress blogger need to understand WordPress in a better way. I try to cover A-Z of WordPress here, and if you think I missed out something or you need help with any basic WordPress guide, you can always drop me an Email via contact form or on Facebook. So lets get on with WordPress basic guide.

Guide for WordPress beginners

Before Installing WordPress: WordPress Basic guides

Before you go ahead and install WordPress, lets learn some of the basic WordPress stuff, which will be helpful through out. For example difference between and

  • What is WordPress
  • Vs. (Self hosted WordPress)
  • Why WordPress is best blogging platform
  • WordPress vs. BlogSpot – Which is better and why?

Installing WordPress, Setting it up and learning WordPress dashboard:

Above tutorials will help you to understand WordPress, and not lets put your WordPress blog in action. Just follow all the document/ knowledge listed below, and you will not only have your WordPress blog online in less than one hour, but also you will learn how to get things done on WordPress

  • How to set up WordPress blog for the first time
  • How to install WordPress plugins
  • How to install WordPress themes
  • Free WordPress video tutorials to learn WordPress
  • Must have WordPress plugins for a new blog

WordPress blog is up and what next?

So now your blog is up and running, and you need to do few other things to make your WordPress website kick ass. Here are few WordPress guides which will help you to supercharge your blog.

  • Learn how to backup WordPress blog
  • How to make your blog iPhone friendly
  • How to speed up your WordPress blog for faster loading