Deep cleansing & speed up WordPress database with advance database cleaner plugin

Deep cleansing & speed up WordPress database with advance database cleaner plugin
Deep cleansing & speed up WordPress database with advance database cleaner plugin

Is your WordPress blog slowly on a fast hosting company perform? It could be your bloated WordPress database . this can be fixed optimization plugin with a good database.

Involves cleaning the WordPress database, we have many great options such as WP-sweep, optimization, WP and WP-DB Manager. Disable these plugins the overload, optimize the database & again you make faster your WordPress blog to perform. But none of them clean unused tables, tasks & options links from plugins that you no longer use.

You know that even if you delete a plugin that’s all not clean, that’s on the database added?

I already told about the deep cleaning your WordPress database in a previous post. More recently, I worked on my main blog to optimize WordPress database (ShoutMeLoud) of & had to deep clean, orphaned tables & options . With existing plugins (E.g. clean options) were not enough, and I was looking for a free alternative.

This is where I Advanced WordPress database cleaner plugin bumped that is freely available in the WordPress repo. The free version is limited to functions that are offered by other database optimization plugins such as WP-sweep.

They also have a premium version that me the plugin ($15 for a site or $30 for 5 websites) to purchase. In this post, I give you a detailed overview Advanced WordPress database of cleaner plugin & show you how it’s used.

Deep cleansing & speed up WordPress database with advance database cleaner plugin

If you just want to test the plugin with limited features, you can download the free version here. If you are in the process of cleaning & optimizing is a WordPress database (your Web site or your client’s website), the Pro plugin to buy from here. Remember, it can take about 5 minutes to get the e-Mail with your plugin file & license key.

Download the plugin by clicking on the link in the email & manually install. To access the settings by clicking Tools > WP DB cleaner & enter your license key to activate the plugin.

Activate WordPress database cleaner plugin
Activate WordPress database cleaner plugin

 Plugin when the enable, go to “Overview & settings” to see the current status of your WordPress database. Do not forget to backup of your database before beginning the cleaning & optimize!

Before cleaning database

Now, go to the tab “General Cleanup” & start basic optimization. If you are not sure, what to do, just use the settings as shown below.

WordPress General cleanup

Cleanup Database

As soon as this is, click the tab “Optimise” o the database optimize. One good thing about this plugin is that it shows only the tables require the optimization. find & delete orphaned tables

Optimize WordPress database

Click on the tab “Tables” & click on “Detect orphaned tables”. Depending on the size of your database, it takes a few seconds to all orphan tables show.

detect Orphan WordPress tables

Click on the orphaned table & see the table name that belong to no time not plugin installed.

unused tables in WordPress

Warning: this feature is for users, the are aware of WordPress plugins & only for those who manage their WordPress blog. However, take a WordPress Backup before you delete a table.

Find now option tables

Click the “Options” tab & similar orphaned tables, click on “Detect orphaned options” delete.

Delete WordPress Orphan Options table

And you can start the cleaning process.

Scheduled tasks option: (cron tasks)

You can recognize all scheduled tasks & how to use the last two options “Find orphaned tasks” & start tidying up. when everything is done, you can easy to disable the plugin. You should keep tuning your database once per month & do a cleansing once a quarter.

Download Advanced WordPress database cleaner. Here is a diagram that compares the feature of all popular WordPress database optimization & cleanup plugins:

Comparing WordPress database cleanup plugin

Let me know what WordPress Optimization plugin database use. If you are a user of Advanced WordPress database of clean plugins, let me know your experience. You should also check out our WordPress plugin archive to find many other useful WordPress plugins.