9 best WordPress plug-ins to create comparison and pricing tables

9 best WordPress plug-ins to create comparison and pricing tables
9 best WordPress plug-ins to create comparison and pricing tables

Comparison tables are a great way to choose the right product for your readers. You can decide between two or more products. Or perhaps they, what kind of service decide to buy from you. No matter how the situation looks a visual comparison is a good way, pushing after purchase.

Are not really unfortunately so effective an opportunity comparison as they are, or create price tables in WordPress with WordPress Editor. You can create a table to HTML…, if you want to waste a lot of time. Alternatively, could you please just contact a plugin, to create nice looking tables for you.

And you know what?

You’re in luck, because I’m in, best from the WordPress comparison list table plugin s and best prices table WordPress plugins. I will include premium and free options, so that you can find a plugin no matter what your budget.

Best comparison table & prices table of WordPress plugins



WP ComPEAR is a powerful premium plugin that can create both vertical and horizontal comparison tables.

One thing that distinguishes this plugin from the rest is the ability to create static and interactive drag & drop comparisons. Visitors can choose which products move them from want to compare each product in the table.

In addition to this cool feature, you can also your tables WP ComPEAR sortable or change static, each column width, double tables and create unlimited tables with unlimited comparison criteria.


You need compare products, WP ComPEAR is a unique and feature-rich plug-ins on this list. This plugin is also compatible with EasyAzon which is the most popular Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. It is also quite affordable – a single site license is $15, and you will receive an unlimited license for only $25

2 TablePress


With more than 400,000 active installations and an impressive 5-star rating, TablePress is one of the most popular free comparison table of plugins.

While not specifically for comparison, TablePress can create all types of tables and add them to the posts or pages using a shortcode. Can your tables in an interface that looks like a spreadsheet, so need you not to fear, to know how to code.

TablePress include the important functions, also this helpful options:

  • Add pagination, sorting, and more.
  • import/export tables to Excel, or CSV.
  • contains any data types (even formulas).
  • premium Add-ons enable, appealing design, detailed filtering, and much more.

3. Table maker

Table Maker WordPress Plugin

Table maker is still not as popular as TablePress, but it’s quickly gaining ground. Allows the creation of a variety of tables from spec compared to tables.

All tables created by table respond manufacturer, so she will look good on any device. And you can use the plugin readers specific rows or columns to stress (see example above). This allows you to push reader on your favorite products and services.

Table maker works with shortcodes and facilitates uploading and inserting images in your tables.

4. Prices


Pricing is a premium plugin for creating nice comparison. Although it shines with price tables, can go prices create any kind of comparison. Go 250 are included in the price + table templates to help you get started, without help to start from scratch.


This plugin contains functions:

  • Column animations.
  • Font awesome symbols of integration.
  • Responsive design.
  • Shortcodes on simple way tables everywhere.

Prices go costs $25 on CodeCanyon and has 7,400 sales of 4.6 stars.

Prices go compare checkout 5. YITH WooCommerce


You need tables for your WooCommerce shop, you’ll love this free plugin. YITH WooCommerce can compare users create comparison tables based on specific product attributes that you select. Users only need to click Compare button on the product page to see how the product against other stacks.

You can adjust the comparison to designs if you need, know to code for this purpose because it is not so easily of YITH WooCommerce compare interface.

6. WPPricing Builder


A further premium plugin that is focused on the creation of (mainly) price tables is WpPricing Builder. It comes with more ready-made than 25 templates to get you started.

Which plugin interface can easily product attributes, columns and styles set up. And the color theme generator helps you nice looking tables to create, even if you not a designer. The plugin includes also font awesome icons to round out this great set of features.

Here is a video demo of this mild prices appealing popular WordPress plugin tables.

$18 in the code Canyon costs


7. Pricing table by Supsystic


Prices is table of Supsystic a well-made, free plugin, you can create both prices and comparison tables.

The plugin includes a drag & drop Builder so you can create tables, without knowing code. You can use unlimited columns and rows, and add tooltips, where needed.

You can style, buttons, text, and custom CSS, to help ensure that your tables look perfect. And you can even videos or pictures in the price tables. The ability to record images makes it possible to detailed comparison tables and to create.

No matter, how to create your tables, they always respond so you lose mobile traffic on.

Check out prices table of Supsystic

8. Arena products is store


Arena products a bit more full featured than many of the other plugins on this list. It aims to create an entire store rather than just comparison tables. But the plugin contains also a nice comparison table function, so, that’s why I’ve included it here.

Set up general product properties, and then select which can hold them in your comparison. You can publish your own comparison or allow users to create their own, by you a “compare” button.


If you want just a slight comparison table plugin products shop is probably not for you. But if a fully functional way to view and compare your products search, this plugin give a look.

Arena products store costs $36 on Codecanyon.

9. Simple pricing tables


Simple pricing tables is a freemium WordPress plugin that you create can appealing prices and comparison tables.

In the free version of the plugin you can:

  • Easily create tables, without knowing any code.
  • Fonts, colors and borders fit.
  • Create

  • Unlimited rows.
  • Reorder columns through a simple drag -and-drop function.
  • Column have recommended prices.
  • Add custom CSS (if necessary).

The free version is more than enough for most users, but if you upgrade to the premium version, you also get access to features like:

  • 10 pre-made templates.
  • Even more customization options.
  • ToolTips when users hover over the pricing options.

The premium version costs $29 for a site and $99 for unlimited pages.

Final thoughts and recommendations

When looking for the most feature-rich comparison of plugins, I think WP ComPEAR is your best option. If you want to quickly create only beautiful tables, you can use the price comes down for his 250 + templates go. And if you want a free option, I think, simple pricing table by Supsystic tables or rates are your best bet.

Are only general recommendations. Their specific situation may also need one of the other plugins!