13 WordPress plugins & their use – 2016


In our WordPress for beginners series, we have set up treated WordPress on BlueHost and WordPress how to install.

To expand the list, am I need to tell WordPress plugin that every blog should have a list of . Now, it is not necessary, that you should install all the plugins mentioned below, but I recommend you to look in the description and decide whether this plugin for your WordPress blog or not to be useful and important.

I will also add that some of the best alternatives for these free and best WordPress plugins, so that in case, if you’re stuck every single plugin, with the configuration you can try the alternative. Continue reading…

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress plugin for any WordPress blog:

If you are new to WordPress plugins, once you are in the dashboard, click on plugins > add new, and search for the desired plugin. I’ll add the exact name of the plugin that you must find and install.

That most these plugins have additional configuration, and make sure to optimal changes that make most of these plugins. Do you need a tutorial for each specific WordPress plugin a , let me on our Facebook fan page to know.


WordPress Akismet plugin

This plugin creator Automattic is maintained by official WordPress. This plugin is very useful to prevent spam comments. There are many alternatives to this plugin, but I prefer this one, as it is quick and does the job pretty well. You can download the plugin from the official site here. You need to activate this plugin, API key, and you can quickly create a free account on WordPress.com and get your WordPress API key. Here is a video tutorial on how to free Akismet API key:

JetPack WordPress plugin:

Jetpack WordPress plugin

Jet Pack is an official plugin WordPress parent Automattic. This plugin makes several things & have different modules that you can enable or disable. Here are some things you can achieve with this plugin:

  • automatically share your new posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus
  • offers contact form form
  • subscription powered by WordPress.com
  • in connection standing post
  • mobile design
  • blog Analytics

And many other modules. This is a plugin which is actively updated & most popular choice for all WordPress users.

Download Jetpack plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Yoast SEO plugin

SEO by Yoast is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin is free. With this plugin, you can configure your WordPress site on-page SEO, in-site SEO, Sitemap generate “robots.txt”-edit file, .htaccess file & to check your crawl errors from WordPress dashboard. If you are serious about your WordPress blog & want to raise a huge amount of organic traffic, this is a must have plugin for your blog.

This plugin also keyword offers suggestion and keyword optimization, so you get an extra edge in the search engine rankings. You can also configure and no indexing of your site structure, which is very useful for the proper SEO of your blog.

Here is a video guide on how to configure this plugin:


Social Warfare WordPress plugin

Social signals have become an essential part of SEO and social exchange to promote of your blog post should button “social bookmarking” to implement. Social warfare plugin helps quickly add you to most of the popular and new social bookmarking buttons. In addition, it is this plugin with many settings such as ‘lazy loading’, button ‘Contacts’ size and other settings for the placement you hope in a social bookmarking plugin.

YARPP: yet another related post plugin:

YARPP plugin

Although this plugin’s more usability plugin, but I prefer as an SEO plugin, because it helps with linking to related articles. YARPP offers settings to show related posts in RSS feeds, which helps to decrease the bounce rate and to enhance user experience on your site. If not YARPP, can other plugin but direct related posts display helps you improve your website usability.

SEO friendly image:

Image SEO plugin

Images helps much in increasing traffic to your blog, but for images rank you need to work on ALT tag optimization of your blog. SEO-friendly image plugin undergoes the same, to make the conversion of your image name search engines readable in ALT tag and it.

Bonus tip: use always your as an image name keyword or relevant names. Avoid the use of image 001.jpeg and such names. < Download


If you are indexing problem on your blog, try Audax.UK.NET is a free WordPress plugin to ping-cloud-server. It helps in the quicker indexing of your blog. This is a plug & play-plugin, the what each configuration is not required. < Download

WPTouch Mobile plugin:

WPTouch WordPress plugin

This plugin is for blogger, a mobile-optimized website. WPtouch is a very easy to mobile plugin for WordPress. This is a plug & play plugin offers a mobile-friendly version of your website for mobile readers. You can monetize your mobile Web site with AdSense.

Note: you need this plugin if you are using an attractive WordPress theme.

AMP: accelerating mobile pages


This is the latest addition to our must have plugins for WordPress. This plugin automatically to your blog Google’s AMP project to prepare. This helps you get more traffic from mobile as soon as you have installed the plugin.

W3 total cache:

W3 Total Cache

Page load time is an important factor for great usability and also for better ranking in search engines. W3 total cache is a complete solution for your WordPress cache. This plugin has advanced configuration and cache options. This plugin provides easy-even when using any CDN service and CloudFlare implement configuration option. Some of the Web hosting companies work not good with W3 total cache. In this case, I suggest that you try WPSuper cache. < Download


Page “Contact” is an essential element of a site. WPForms plugin, you can create multiple contact forms and in the sidebar of your blog, you can also a contact form. There are many contact forms as serious forms, but in free options, this is one of the easy contact plugin for WordPress set up.

WPForms Home Screen


I tried also advanced to configure WordPress contact form by Yoast, who is just as good and just. This plugin shows the referral link address and you get an idea, the visitors to your contact form landed. Check out advanced WordPress contact form.

WP-DB Manager:

WP Db Manager plugin

One-stop plugin for various maintenance job and job planning in WordPress. With this plugin you can quickly WordPress database optimize, clean WordPress tables, WordPress Backup and configure WordPress timely backup . Very useful plugin to get many things done.

Update: advance WordPress database cleaner is a better solution.

WP-optimize plugin:

W3 optimize

another useful plugin delete all posts revisions, delete all the spam comments and WordPress table to optimize. You mustt use this plugin all the time, but with this plugin once in a month, keep your blog performance in good condition. < Download

WP Smush.it:

Wp Smush Plugin

Smush.it is an online service by Yahoo, and it does the job pretty well compress the images for faster loading. The image quality remains unchanged and with image compression technology, this plugin will compress images at the time of shipment. This plugin also comes with bulk image compression of the already uploaded images. So you have a new or old blog, plugin WP smush.it helps load time for your blog faster.

For the backup of your WordPress blog, I use & recommend VaultPress.

The list of plugins for WordPress are endless and find WordPress plugin repo to find plugins for every application. But these are just some of the need WordPress-plugins for any WordPress blog. Let us know you over all other new WordPress plugins that should be in this list.

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