How users click Like on Facebook will reveal information about their personality characteristics


Be careful when you click like on Facebook. You open the door and step into your soul.” That’s the conclusion of a group of scientists at Stanford University and Cambridge based on the survey results to identify 86,000 users 5 personality characteristics (big five) of them. The results showed that five personality characteristics have a deep relationship with their activities on Facebook. Information about each character can be used in the recruitment process work, medical treatment or education…

How users click Like on Facebook will reveal information about their personality characteristics
How users click Like on Facebook will reveal information about their personality characteristics

The researcher said, just based on 100 to 150 clicks like algorithm developed by the team can determine the personality of one person with more precision comments from friends or family members or even their wives / husbands. A member of the research team, said: “In the past, I understand the accuracy of the human judgments about the personality of a person. It is surprisingly cool computer can do better the man with a piece of information – some like.

Islam in 2013, two university groups were found that could be used to predict the Like button Faebook the basic characteristics of each gender, … Get the results of this study group, researchers David Funder research from the University of California said that predicts 5 personality characteristics of one who is working quite impressive, but it was still a part of human personality: “This is a very broad approach to describe human personality. It is useful, but not deep. It still can not understand the way people with a deeper level.

Currently, Funder is researching aspects of human personality, but only 5 features, which are based on 100 inner dimension. According Funder, human inner depth that the algorithm of Stanford and Cambridge team can not reach. “A husband / wife can understand the personality of their spouse in a way that the algorithm can not do.” However, the researchers say their approach, though primitive, but promises can be applied in the work as employment, health and education. At the same time, the input data is not just like Facebook, but also many other sources, such as web pages often see people, they call the phone calls, buy them gifts, … Everything is the basis to predict define who they are.

Co-author of the study, Dr. Kosinski said: “Hiring employees is a top applications of this research. Instead of using recruitment process and would like to have existed since the 18th century, AI can determine whether you fit the job requirements or not, and then, the work will come to you. This is a revolution“. However, Kosinski admits that the algorithm can be misused to harm the personal data of every person. He called it “the dark side of technology major,” and promised that “we will solve the security problem in a satisfactory manner - Instant Exchanger