Remarkable Dolby Atmos add-on audio system


Immersive audio applied sciences akin to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X create an out of this world 3-dimensional sound box that merely blows away conventional multi-channel house theater. Once you pay attention it, you simply can’t return.

If you’ve longed for immersive audio in your house theater, however balked on the considered putting in audio system to your ceiling, MartinLogan has an improbable resolution. The corporate’s Motion AFX, $599 in step with pair, are Dolby Atmos-enabled audio system ship all of the advantages of object-oriented soundtracks akin to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with out the trouble of opening your ceiling.

How do the Motion AFX carry out their magic?

Dolby Laboratories, the corporate in the back of Atmos, knew that the majority shoppers wouldn’t be capable to set up in-ceiling audio system. So, with some inventive pondering, the rules of physics, and a little of psychoacoustics, Dolby got here up with a slick resolution aptly known as a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker. To be classified as an Atmos-enabled speaker, a speaker will have to agree to Dolby’s requirements.

All about object-oriented audio generation akin to Dolby Atmos.

An Atmos-enabled speaker sits on height of an present flat-top speaker or on a speaker stand above ear top, however is angled to dance pontificate the ceiling down in your listening place in order that you pay attention the sound coming from above you. It’s related to bouncing a ball off the ceiling in order that it displays and springs at you from above.

For that impact to occur, an Atmos-enabled speaker just like the MartinLogan Motion AFX will have to level at your ceiling. The Motion AFX’s drivers, constituted of a zero.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter and a five.25-inch polypropylene cone bass/midbass driving force with a stamped metal basket, are angled upward inside the speaker cupboard. When supply subject matter containing top data is performed, the Motion AFX tasks that audio sign against the ceiling.

Theo Nicolakis

The Motion AFX’s height has a perforated grille that hides the angled drivers.

If you shine a flashlight during the Motion AFX’s grille, you’ll see the drivers at the height of the speaker in opposition to an angled ramp. Even despite the fact that there’s a perforated grille on the entrance, the speaker has no front-facing driving force. The entrance is totally blocked off and no sound can break out without delay towards the listener. Simple and sensible.

Specs and contours

The Motion AFX is some distance smaller than standard bookshelf audio system. It’s  extra like a big dice. The explanation why for that is that an Atmos-enabled speaker doesn’t have to hide the huge frequency vary of a standard speaker. Indeed, the Motion AFX’s frequency reaction is simplest 90Hz to 20kHz. Frequencies above 80Hz are directional, whilst frequencies underneath that aren’t. Therefore you all the time set the Motion AFX as a “small” speaker to your A/V receiver, despite the fact that trendy room correction methods normally maintain this for you robotically.

MartinLogan’s five-way binding posts are oval-shaped and easy to tighten. You can use spades, banana Theo Nicolakis

MartinLogan’s oval-shaped five-way binding posts are very good and simple to tighten. You can use spades, banana plugs, or naked twine.

The Motion AFX have an angled, parallelogram glance to them and a high-gloss, piano-black end that associates them completely to Martin Logan’s Motion collection loudspeakers, even supposing there may be not anything to stop you from pairing them with any flat-top speaker. The simplest caveat is that the Motion AFX will glance extra like a rhombus when paired with non-MartinLogan Motion collection audio system.

Even despite the fact that the Motion AFX are a Four-ohm audio system with a sensitivity of 87db, MartinLogan says you’ll be able to pressure them with any suitable Four-, 6-, or Eight-Ohm amplifier. In different phrases, your present Atmos-enabled receiver will do exactly high quality.

Will the Motion AFX paintings in each and every setup?

Unfortunately, you’ll be able to’t use the Motion AFX in each and every house and each and every setup. The rules of physics do have boundaries. For the Motion AFX’s leap impact to paintings, you wish to have a flat ceiling preferably between 7.five and 14 ft tall. You additionally need exhausting, reflective ceiling surfaces akin to drywall or plaster. Sound-absorbing ceiling tiles aren’t a just right choice You received’t get just right effects from cathedral or vaulted ceilings both for the reason that sound received’t mirror correctly. MartinLogan’s Motion AFX audio system aren’t just right choices for Auro 3-D,both; that is a competing immersive audio layout that calls for discrete speaker top channels.

There are a couple of different issues to bear in mind. You can position the Motion AFX audio system both on height of your audio system (assuming they have got a flat height) or inside 3 ft of your audio system on tall stands. If you put the Motion AFX on height of your audio system, you received’t wish to fear about scratching their end. The Motion AFX include a cushy, scratch-resistant dampening subject matter at the backside.

MartinLogan’s Motion AFX speaker is angled to match it’s Motion-series speakers.  However, you can u MartinLogan

MartinLogan’s Motion AFX speaker is angled to compare its Motion-series audio system.  However, you’ll be able to use the Motion AFX with any loudspeaker.

A last, vital notice: Install the Motion AFX above your ear top, however less than part the peak of your wall. If you don’t, you may pay attention the speaker’s sound coming from the entrance and the sonic phantasm will cave in.

Do the Motion AFX in reality paintings?

I examined the Motion AFX in a room with a Nine-foot ceiling as a part of a Dolby Atmos and DTS:X five.1.Four setup (5 primary audio system, one subwoofer, and 4 Motion AFX audio system). I used a high-end Anthem AVM 60 preamp processor, which is able to toughen each Dolby Atmos and DTS:X setups, along side an Oppo UltraHD Blu-ray participant.

Using the AVM 60’s slick capacity of loading more than one speaker profiles, I configured one enter devoted to a five.1.Four Dolby Atmos and DTS:X setup. The 2d enter was once configured for a normal five.1 setup and would decode the common multi-channel Dolby or DTS encompass combine. I may due to this fact transfer between the 2 and listen to any variations in an A-B state of affairs.

I performed a number of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X resources and also used the Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X up-mixers, which take a standard five.1 or 7.1 film soundtrack and extract top data to play it with an immersive audio presentation.

I’ll confess that I’ve been a little skeptical of the Motion AFX audio system and Atmos-enabled audio system typically. About a yr an a part in the past, I arrange a Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3-D immersive audio setup in my basement with devoted in-ceiling audio system. The impact is fantastic. Could those up-firing audio system in reality paintings and provides my devoted setup a run for its cash?

Well, it didn’t take lengthy for my doubts to be erased.

Firing up the Ultra-HD Blu-ray model of X-Men Apocalypse with its Dolby Atmos monitor put me on understand. During the scene in historic Egypt the place the X-Men’s nemesis Apocalypse is ready to switch his awareness to any other mutant, a rise up ensues. Guards cave in a pyramid with Apocalypse within. The Dolby Atmos combine created a very good sense of house. My partitions and audio system disappeared and I heard rocks fall from overhead because the stones and particles entombed Apocalypse.

The Motion AFX has MartinLogan’s signature five-way speaker binding posts whose oval design makes ti MartinLogan

The oval design of of MartinLogan’s signature five-way speaker binding posts make tightening a breeze.

At concerning the Nine:21 mark, the scene has shifted to a high-school. I heard a class-ending bell emanate from the higher proper a part of my room even if there have been no audio system there. About a minute later, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, has run into the lads’ rest room and is suffering to keep watch over his mutant powers. A bully from the soccer staff kilos at the stall door the place Scott is hiding. Scott opens his eyes and his optic drive blasts rip a trench into the toilet wall after which upwards into the ceiling. When Scott closes his eyes to forestall the blast, you pay attention the subtle flutter of mud and particles actually falling from above and throughout. Several different scenes from the X-Men Ultra HD Blu-ray, akin to Apocalypse’s break out and the following thunder claps heard through Mystique and Nightcrawler, echo overhead with stark realism.

While overhead results are very good, what in reality seals the deal is the best way a Dolby Atmos combine creates a herbal, enveloping sense of house all the way through the film. For instance, when Charles Xavier enters the Cerebro chamber to look the reason for those international tremors, you sense the vastness of the distance round you.

I had the similar enjoy with different Atmos titles, such because the remastered model of The Fifth Element. During the hole credit scene, there’s only a seamless sphere of sound. Don’t assume Dolby Atmos combine or top channels make a distinction? I switched many times between the 2 inputs at the Anthem and the comparability wasn’t even shut. For instance, when the rotund Mondoshawan extraterrestrial beings land in Egypt, the Motion AFX and the Atmos soundtrack created a awesome, enveloping, herbal encompass box. Shifting all the way down to the common encompass combine and issues turned into extra ahead and some distance much less 3 dimensional.

You can mount the Motion AFX on top of your existing speakers or on speaker stands so long as they a Theo Nicolakis

You can mount the Motion AFX on height of your present audio system or on speaker stands, so long as they’re above your ear top while you’re seated. I put in the entrance pair of Motion AFX on tall speaker stands and the rear pair on height of tower audio system.

Oh, and should you’re questioning, the Motion AFX labored significantly smartly with DTS:X mixes too. I fired up the 2016 DTS Demo disc that incorporates some DTS:X film clips and track mixes. I performed Imagine Dragon’s DTS:X mixture of “I Bet My Life.” Wow! The combine in DTS:X is intense. I may distinctly pay attention the refrain of clapping from the chorus thru a deep and wealthy back and front top soundstage. I kicked backpedal to the common DTS combine and I couldn’t imagine the adaptation. It was once flat and misplaced the power, dynamism, and dimensionality of the DTS:X combine. Put otherwise, if extra artists combined their albums this fashion, I’d purchase them in a heartbeat.

How do the Motion AFX examine to devoted in-ceiling audio system?

I’ve a devoted 7.1.Four Dolby Atmos setup in my basement, and I will be able to say that I used to be shocked—no stunned—how shut the Motion AFX audio system got here. There’s indisputably a distinction between the 2 setups with the devoted in-ceiling audio system offering a extra exact sound box. Nevertheless, dwelling with the MartinLogan Motion AFX audio system has utterly modified my music about Atmos-enabled add-on audio system.

Motion AFX carry Atmos and DTS:X to lifestyles

Major audio developments don’t come steadily, but if they do, the results will also be astounding. Going from mono to stereo, stereo to multi-channel, and now multi-channel to object-oriented audio represents a large jump in efficiency, realism, and engagement. If you’ve sought after to embody Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, however weren’t bought on Atmos-enabled audio system, then doubt not more. MartinLogan’s Motion AFX audio system can develop into any setup and speaker gadget. If you’ve gotten an Atmos and DTS:X succesful receiver and your room conforms to the desired physics, run out and take hold of a collection of MartinLogan’s AFX audio system. You received’t glance again.

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