How to use Skype on your internet browser


Skype is one of the messaging service and free calls are widely used in work and life. Recently, Microsoft has launched the web-based version of the application, whereby the user can use most of the features of the application in the browser.

After Microsoft acquired from eBay in 2011, Skype has been cared very carefully and has now become one of the most popular VoIP application with hundreds of millions of Skype users worldwide. Besides versions for PC and mobile devices, Skype has more recent versions of web platform, allowing users to text, talk, video conference meeting … directly on all Browsers.

How to use Skype on your internet browser
How to use Skype on your internet browser

Web-based version of the interface is relatively simple, but still full of frequently used functions on Skype: texting, calling, video conferencing meetings … all activities are synchronized with a user account on the other devices. Features are available from Microsoft for user testing in 2 countries UK and US, and is expected to provide users with extensive worldwide after testing phase ends. However, if you want to experience even this version, you can perform the following way:

Step 1: Visit website: When logged on Skype account, the page will show a message that says you are in a country other than the UK or US, so you can not log in immediately.

Step 2: Download AnonymoX for Chrome extensions for Firefox here or here.

Step 3: Install AnonymoX and restart the browser.

Step 4: Using AnonymoX pretty simple, but there is a little different when manipulated on Chrome and Firefox. With Firefox, you can configure the program activities by clicking on the icon of the application (large X) on the browser toolbar. Table configuration includes the following items:

– Settings for: Used to enable / disable AnonymoX on any website. For example, you only want to use AnonymoX page, click the item and choose

– Country: Default AnonymoX provide IP from 3 countries: the US, the Netherlands and the UK. To get Skype on your browser, you select USA (US) or England (UK).

– Change identity: This button is used to change the IP address. In case the current IP unstable operation, press this button to AnonymoX find and switch to other more stable IP.

Step 5: Log Skype and start using the service on Firefox.

Manipulating with Chrome AnonymoX similar but reduced features compared to Firefox. Wish you have interesting experiences with Skype on the browser application.

Good luck!!