How to unlock any Nokia mobile without password


How to Unlock any Nokia mobile without password How to Unlock my or any Nokia mobile phone without their real password trick many friends and Nokia mobile phone user need. After share on How to factory or Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 520 without password and also useful codes of Nokia mobile phone like Nokia Mobile Tips and Tricks for all phone

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How to unlock any Nokia mobile without password

Before I clarify how you can open a phone without knowing the security code, I will like to impart this short knowledge of mine to you. I could recollect a specific time which I got a phone from one of my parents after he got an alternate new phone. He used to lock the phone with a security code. The security code gets enacted consequently each one time the phone keypad is bolted. On a specific day I chose to bolt the phone keypad before keeping it in my pocket to abstain from dialing any number by oversight.

As I bolted the keypad, the phone showed “keypad bolted with security code” I knew I would need to give the phone to my sibling to open for me as he doesn’t prefer offering his codes to anybody. When he opened the phone, I let him know to let me know the security code if there should be an occurrence of next time yet he cannot.

From my examination, I found two strategies for opening a phone without the security code, the first strategy chips away at some old models (not all) of little nokia phones. You simply need to attempt it first and check whether it’ll take a shot at the model of the nokia phone you are managing. The second strategy chips away at any kind of  Nokia phone. Presently the first strategy.

Bring the phone bolted with security code press and hold the open catch for some time without discharging it. The phone will show now press * rapidly press the star catch and the phone will be opened Second system this system manages the serial or imei number of the phone. While the phone is not yet bolted, dial *#06# to get the imei or serial number of the phone. Record the 15 digit imei number some place

This made me troubled in light of the fact that I saw it as a moronic thing to possess a phone whose security code you don’t have a clue. Infact, it’s truly ludicrous! This made me set out on an exploration on the best way to open a phone bolted with security code without needing to know the code. My examination was effective, if not, I wouldn’t be offering this to you in light of the fact that you may end up in a comparable circumstance as this.
Go to in the country accommodated imei/serial number; embed the serial/imei number of the phone. Click on produce. Once done, a number will be created, that is the expert code for the phone, duplicate and keeps the number. At whatever point that specific phone is bolted with security code and you need to open it, despite the fact that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the phone’s security code, simply enter that number, i.e. Expert code and it’ll be opened!

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