How to make money with your Android mobile


How to Make Money using Android Phone Most of you guys might have idea or know about online earning. Yes you can earn online through various sources. In my time when I started online work, I never ever have idea why the companies pays the users in order to participate in some particular activities which they were offering to them such as reading emails, shopping different stuff online, may be reading some kind of advertisement, checking out or watching videos, playing out new games or sometimes installing or using any kind of android application or any other Operating system based application on your devices etc.

But as we know that it is online world where thousands of companies are working hard online in order to stay in the competition and for this such companies have do perform something unique that cam make their brand look creative and also help them to reach their customers easily. Apart from spending a lot of money in advertisements online, such companies can also try out some unique methods in order to connect with their customers easily. Such kind of things is also helpful for web developers and for those people who are looking to make some extra cash online

How to make money with your Android mobile
How to make money with your Android mobile

The best part is that if you are having Smartphone, you can also make good income online using it. You can find out thousands of real and trusted customer reviews websites for applications or different kind of stuff and start making money with them. You might be thinking that making money from this website is really possible? Yes, it is and you can also start earning money online so try out the websites which are shared in this article

Actually in this article we are going to talk about the top and best websites online that can help you easily to make handsome income online easily using your android Smartphone. Must checkout this guide if you are android user and looking for some sources to take advantage of them through android mobile for making money. Have a look at this collection of such websites mentioned below:


CheckPoints allows users to earn money through taking quizzes, scanning bar codes, searching web, watching online videos, completing offers, participating in giveaways and playing online games etc. The best part about CheckPoints is that this website is totally compatible with iPhone and android devices and also been featured by top tech authority website “Mashable”.

Easy Shift

Easy Shift is another good online micro task application which allows the users to earn money by competing shifts. These shifts are seeing if a product is in stock or taking out picture of a store display etc. Once you have successfully completed such shift, money will be transferred to your PayPal account within two days. Easy Shift payment varies from $2-$20 per task available. Easy Shift is also featured on top websites like all things digital, Mashable, USA Today etc but currently only iPhone users can take advantage of it

Field Agent

Field Agent is another good source that allows the people to make money through completing the micro tasks offered to them. These kind of simple tasks includes product reviews, shelf availability etc. Users are paid $3-$12 per task and good thing is payment is done via PayPal only. Interesting thing about Field Agent is that it works with some top brands such as Target, Tyson etc and also been featured on CNET , Forbes etc but unfortunately only iPhone users can use Field Agent and start earning money through it. You should need to try out this if you are looking to make money from your Smartphone device.


Locket is one of the cool and best methods that pay the android users to make money just by placing advertisements on their android phone’s homepage screen only. Once the user unlocks the android phone, ad will be appeared on screen and user need to swipe in order to interact with that particular advertisement. This one is top and best method to make money using your android device easily. You can request for money once you have reached minimum $10 threshold and can get paid via PayPal only. I have personally tried this android app and is highly recommending to other android Smartphone users as well.

Swag Bucks

I think most of you guys might have idea about this top and best online platform where users are allowed to make money by completing different tasks and in return they can reedom the points or credits for gift cards, coupons etc. It is also available for Smartphone users which can also take advantage of it. All they need is to watch out videos, answer the questions, complete the different tasks offered to them or surf the web etc to make revenue. You can also get paid through PayPal as well. - Instant Exchanger