Error: ‘Source Path Too Long’ – How to Delete, Rename or Move those information /folders in Windows


How to mend the mistake “Source Path Too Long” in Windows ? or How to Delete, Rename or Move information with record identify too lengthy? This article will allow you to remedy it.

Error: 'Source Path Too Long' - How to Delete, Rename or Move these files /folders in Windows

If your PC has information, folders with “long names” or “many levels of sub-folder” then you can’t Rename, Delete or Move them to different location in Windows Explorer. Your Windows will display the mistake “Source Path Too Long”: 

The supply record identify(s) are greater than is supported through the record machine. Try transferring to a location which has a shorter trail identify, or check out renaming to shorter identify(s) earlier than making an attempt this operation

The error’s identify “Source Path Too Long” has already described all in regards to the error, the rationale of the mistake. This for the reason that complete trail of information or folders are too lengthy, greater than is supported through Windows. Windows limits the overall trail of information, folders through 255 characters.
How to fix error

Many other people additionally information to mend this mistake, however it sort of feels to be reasonably tricky for who aren’t skilled customers, for instance, we will be able to use 3rd birthday celebration’s device (Long Path Tool, Unlocker, FilExile, Long Path Eraser…) or use Robocopy in Windows Command Line. Actually, little need for such advanced! No want different third device. Let’s make it easy through following my directions beneath.

How to repair error “Source Path Too Long” in Windows

There are 3 strategies you’ll be able to delete information with “Source Path Too Long” in Windows:
– Method 1: Use Winrar or 7Zip
– Method 2: Use Command Line (ROBOCOPY)
– Method 3: Use third softwares (We dont want it and I by no means use it)

1) Delete, Rename or Move “Source Path Too Long” information/ folders through WINRAR or 7Zip

This is the very best and most straightforward strategy to Delete, Rename or Move information/ folders with “Source Path Too Long” in Windows. With this guidelines, any person can do it !

Delete, Rename or Move

– Just open Winrar or 7Zip (archiver softwares which are virtually pre-installed in all computer systems). I favor the usage of 7Zip as it is general loose.

– In Winrar or 7Zip, browse to information, folders you wish to have to Delete, Rename or Move and do it! Winrar and 7Zip permit you don’t restrict the overall trail of information, folders through 255 characters as Windows Explorer does. You can shorten the overall trail through renaming the information/ folders then come again with Windows Explorer or Delete those information, folders immediately in Winrar or 7Zip.

Done! It is really easy, proper!

The above guidelines is sufficient to repair the mistake “Source Path Too Long“, however should you nonetheless wish to uncover your Windows pc or you might be a professional in operating with Windows Command Line then it’s possible you’ll wish to checkout the command ROBOCOPY beneath.

2) Delete “Source Path Too Long” information/ folders through Command Line (ROBOCOPY)

ROBOCOPY (Robust File Copy for Windows) is default to be had command on Windows 7 and better. Robocopy is a Windows command to duplicate information from one location to every other. The syntax for ROBOCOPY is reasonably simple:

robocopy [[ …]] []

The command ROBOCOPY /MIR will replicate all the folder and it additionally lets in us secured delete information, folders with too lengthy names (complete trail too lengthy, if truth be told)

To delete information/ folders with ROBOCOPY command, simply sort or replica/paste beneath instructions into the Command Prompt window:

> MKDIR TempFolder
> ROBOCOPY TempFolder “FullpathofFoldertoDelete” /MIR


– FullpathofFoldertoDelete is the overall trail of the folder you wish to have to delete (or the overall trail of folder that accommodates the information you wish to have to delete)

– The 2nd command will replicate the folder TempFolder (an empty folder this is created through the primary command) to the vacation spot folder (the folder you wish to have to delete): That way the folder that you wish to have to delete is now empty!


Bonus: Add RoboDelete serve as into Windows Context Menu

If you do not need to sort instructions each and every time, you’ll be able to upload this serve as into Windows Context Menu to delete “Source Path Too Long” information/ folders proper on Windows Explorer. With this “RoboDelete” menu, you’ll be able to delete all information/ folders without reference to whether or not its identify is simply too lengthy or no longer.

Add RoboDelete function into Windows Context Menu

– Step 1: Use Notepad (or Notepad++) to create a record .REG (for instance robodelete.reg) with beneath content material:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshellDelete] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshellDeletecommand] "Extended"="" @=""D:robodelete.bat" "%1""

– Step 2: Use Notepad (or Notepad++) to create a record .BAT. Save this record to D:robodelete.bat (actual together with your surroundings within the record robodelete.reg). Copy then paste beneath content material into your BAT record:

mkdir c:empty robocopy /MIR c:empty %1 rmdir %1 rmdir c:empty

– Step 3: Run the record robodelete.reg then restart your pc.

You must test sparsely earlier than each and every time you delete information, folders with this menu (ROBODELETE) as a result of those information/ folders can be deleted completely (no longer transfer to Recycle Bin) and there’s no strategy to undo this motion.

You can customise the menu’s identify, for instance, “robodelete”, “Robo Delete”, “Delete LongFile”…

Tutorial Video: How to Delete, Rename or Move “Source Path Too Long” information/ folders through WINRAR or 7Zip

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