5 ways to extend battery life for Samsung Galaxy S6


The following tips will help you increase battery life for your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 adds many new and modern features, but not get the expected battery life. Fortunately, you have many ways to increase device usage time considerably in a simple way.

5 ways to extend battery life for Samsung Galaxy S6
5 ways to extend battery life for Samsung Galaxy S6

5 ways to extend battery life for Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Check the battery of applications

The application has the “energy drain” different so you should check back often your battery. The simplest way to do this is to install Greenify, a free software application block making equipment and battery lag. It uses batteries Battery Monitor Manager and the Application Manager. Access Settings> Battery> Battery usage.

Here, you’ll know which application is causing the most battery power and then block them in Settings> Applications. Select the tab at the bottom and select Running Stop or Force Stop.

2. Uninstall applications and features built-unused

With Galaxy S6, Samsung built very little software to avoid annoying users. Of course, not Samsung’s software that you also want to use. So, visit Settings> Applications> Application Manager, scroll down and select the All tab apps you do not need, select Disable. Additionally, users are recommended calling off Wi-Fi, VoLTE, Samsung Lock, S-Voice when not in use. Facebook is also a source of battery power, so you can consider using Facebook Lite (free) alternative.

Uninstall applications and features built-unused
Uninstall applications and features built-unused

3. Use Power Saving feature

Galaxy S6 integrates two battery saving mode: Power saving and Ultra power saving. It will help you save precious minutes when the battery is almost depleted. You may find this mode in Settings> Battery. Power saving mode limited CPU performance, reduce screen brightness, speed frames, turn off the lights in the virtual keys as well as vibration, reducing the time before the screen turns off when the alert. Ultra power saving mode goes beyond the limit raised through the screen changes color to black and white, limited-use application, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

4. Managing the screen brightness with Lux

The screen is still one of the fastest exhausted battery’s sources on smartphones. The more you to the screen brightness, the less your battery life. Manager default brightness on Galaxy S6 still not the smartest. So you can install Lux (free) – customize applications brightness and color temperature according to the ambient light. What makes better Lux was able to train. For example, if you see the screen brightness adjustment that Lux is not reasonable, you can reinstall. Lux will remember and connect to the current lighting environment.

5. Uninstall Google Fit

XDA Developers forum members discovered a problem between health applications of Samsung and Googe Fit. On the other smartphones like the Nexus 5, Google wakelocks Fit generated continuously, consuming battery (wakelock mechanism under Android keeps CPU is always active and always bright screen). The solution to this problem is removed from Application Manager Google Fit. However, because the service can not uninstall the system, you can only put Google Fit oldest state. Then restart Galaxy S6 to see something different.

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