“Unfortunately no longer go Pokémon” bug fixed


It is only fair to say that Pokémon go has become the best game/app of all time. This was done in a very short time. With this kind of popularity, as also error unfortunately, Pokémon go has stopped working are popularity WINS. Many of you will agree with me when I say that Pokémon go has taken the world by storm. The game has grabbed unexpected traction by users all over the world.

"Unfortunately no longer go Pokémon" bug fixed
“Unfortunately no longer go Pokémon” bug fixed

Although Pokémon is not globally available just yet. It is available only in selected countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the United States. Yet those go the enthusiasm for Pokémon, has access to the game, people around the world by direct download APK files from different sources.

With tons of users play Pokémon go at a time, it is clear that the servers are overloaded. It also means, it can also occasional failures and errors/bugs. Once such errors, many Pokémon go users are confronted, ” Unfortunately Pokémon go has stopped “. The error appears unexpectedly and can not continue on with the game.

this type of error are common on Android smartphones. It happens not only with Pokémon go but also with other applications, such as contacts, messages, etc.. After doing some research we have listed below many methods which helps you “Unfortunately Pokémon has kept go” to correct errors. To make things too easy, we take you through all the steps one after the other.

Fixing unfortunately Pokémon has go stopped error

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go has Stopped

We are basic troubleshooting methods start with. In most cases, basic methods for you to resolve the error. But if not, can you go ahead and do advance method, which we have mentioned below. Remember, perform the steps in the correct order. Step by step and you will see it’s not more unfortunately has to go Pokémon stopped error popping up on your cell phone while playing.

Unfortunately no longer to fix Pokémon go base methods.

Method 1: Start the phone.

It’s a very simple thing, which we don’t. Restart or turn your phone on and off is required, at least once in 2 days of cell phone looks a reboot no effective solution but actually it makes a big difference in performance and application problems.

So go ahead and switch your mobile phone off and turn it on again. Once it’s ready to go, go open Pokémon and start to play. She should not see unfortunately Pokémon go works error message. But if you do, then check method # 2

Method 2: Pokémon go delete cache and data.

Like a browser, your phone stores cache of your applications to make it faster. Cache makes your app faster but many times, you need to remove them. Next is always unfortunately Pokemon go it no more error again and again, close no matter how many times and open the app. To resolve this problem, you need to delete cache and data, by the following steps.

  • Step 1: go to Settings
  • Step 2: scroll you can find apps/applications/application Manager / installed apps. (depending on the version of Android and Rome.)
  • Step 3: now see list go apps on your phone, search for Pokémon and tap on it.
  • Step 4: tap on delete cache and data.
  • Step 5: that’s it, now you start the phone, when you want.

Now you’ve cleared cache and the data of the Pokémon go app. Now the next thing you will do is has open the game again and see whether you always still unfortunately Pokemon go error stopped.

Method 3: install Pokémon go.

If the above methods do not work to resolve the problem, the next step you should completely uninstall the game. Then install it again. Their data are not lost when you uninstall the game, because all your data is stored on servers. This method is as follows:

– Long press Pokémon go icon on your screen. Prefer to uninstall at the top. If you are prompted to confirm, tap on yes . Their game is uninstalled. You can also uninstall it, by clicking on settings > apps/apps Manager > Pokémon go > uninstall.

– Then now reinstall again by first download Google play to save. It is no child’s play, you already know, like one of right? When everything is done, start playing your favorite game without the annoying Unfortunately Pokémon go work no more error.

Method 4: Update Pokémon go.

Pokémon was go in life called, since not so long, but already available updates. If you have not the updates downloaded and if your game not up to date, then there’s every chance, get this error always to keep.

To download the update, simply open the play-shop, go search Pokémon and if then, an update is available, you should see different ” update ” ” to “. So you make sure when your app is up to date or not.

These 4 methods comes in basic ways, unfortunately Pokémon go to fix more errors, but you have to if, don’t worry all the above methods do not fix for you. Because we have found that not all methods are working for everyone, but try is worth. We have 1 way links advance ways to resolve this error. Go ahead and follow the steps listed below.

Unfortunately no longer to fix Pokémon go advanced method.

Method 5: Disable not activities.

You are required to activate Developer option on your Smartphone to actually uncheck ” preserve no activity ” option. Select option below follow developer.

  • go settings.
  • scroll down and tap on via telephone.
  • tap 7 time.
  • you must see on build number for about , that a ” you are now a developer! “as in picture

That’s it; Developer is now enabled. Tap and scroll ” preserve no activity ” search and clear the check box. Now open Pokemon go and play out without any disturbance. This should be your ultimate resort to the error. In most cases, the error message you should fix in the above steps.

As developers hide option?

After unfortunately Pokémon go back no more error to troubleshoot should you no doubt hide Developer option. So, go to settings > apps/Application Manager settings search app, tap on it and delete data.

This is hidden Developer option from your mobile phone. Now go ahead and enjoy Pokemon go and forget you not catch ‘ em all.