Trans Woman Corey Rae on Her Fashion Evolution


I was born transgender, on the other hand once more in 1993 there used to be no method of explaining that. Although I was presented a “boy” at supply, my mother knew something used to be utterly other about me from the second one I was born. When I was 2, I asked her for a Cinderella dress and my adventure to finding my own kind started there. My mother raised me with unconditional love and lend a hand, and on no account denied me of my natural want for all problems red and “girly.” Now, I’m a 24-year-old transgender lady living thankfully in Los Angeles, and I understand that being unapologetically authentic and staying true to myself has been my saving grace.

When I moved from Los Angeles to a small town in New Jersey at age seven, it became very transparent to me that regardless that I carried out dress-up, wore my mother’s heels and makeup, carried out with Barbies, and had basically female pals, I wasn’t really a girl. Prior to heart college, I was happy to place on regardless of my mom dressed me in to highschool and then come place of abode and in a while become my favorite red floral dress. But in heart college, I began to wish to placed on what my girlfriends were wearing and feature change into extremely jealous of them.

I knew I wasn’t gay, on the other hand I struggled to go looking out the words to provide an explanation for how I felt. Then, all the way through occupation day in eighth grade, a presenter passed out magazines to show off her advertisements. Each student had a singular e-newsletter, and mine used to be an issue of People that features a narrative on a teenage female-to-male transgender boy. I realized the word “transgender” and the word “trapped in the wrong body,” and it hit me: I used to be transgender. I used to be trapped throughout the incorrect body.

It hit me: I was transgender. I was trapped throughout the incorrect body.

After a few weeks of finding out the object over and over again, I presented it to my mother and asked her if transgender used to be a real issue (obviously she knew where the conversation used to be heading). When she said positive, I felt so excited, and a few days later I urged her I had to be a girl. Without hesitation, she supported me. I went by means of my freshman and sophomore years of high school as physically male, on the other hand understanding I was a female started to weigh intently on my soul. It wasn’t until my junior 12 months that it became glaring I was miserable presenting as male. After the Halloween dance that 12 months my mother—who happens to be a primary cosmetologist and stylist—supplied to let me placed on her clothes.

Between November 2009 and May 2010 I slowly began wearing my mother’s tops, jeans, nail polish, and in the end she helped me acquire bras and I started to place on mascara. By that time, the rumors of me coming out as gay had vanished and my classmates learned that I was changing genders in front in their eyes. I was suffering to find a junior prom dress I felt suited my new glance, so my best just right pal let me placed on her simple black dress, and she or he came upon one different. At the top of May, I was crowned Prom Queen, a dream come true for me. I felt happy and delightful, and that used to be new for me.

Being crowned Prom Queen used to be a dream come true for me.

Corey Rae

Corey Rae

The summer time previous than my senior 12 months—my first as a high school lady—used to be bittersweet. I liked with the ability to placed on shorts and skirts, on the other hand I felt uncomfortable making an attempt to hide my “bulge.” I didn’t wish to “tuck” (the follow of pushing a penis between and in the back of the legs so it’s a lot much less observed), so I was constantly frightened about conserving each and every factor as female-looking as attainable in clothes. By the top of senior 12 months, I’d amassed hand-me-downs from my mom and pals, and had a decent amount of recent lady clothes for school as properly, on the other hand I nevertheless hadn’t came upon my own kind, and wouldn’t for somewhat some time. When I went to college, I decided to take care of my earlier a secret and pass stealth into my new lifestyles; in any case, college is a place for contemporary starts, correct? I successfully went by means of my whole freshman 12 months at Hofstra without any one seeing or feeling my male genitalia (along with a person I dated for 3 months).

When I left for school, I decided to take care of my earlier a secret and pass stealth into my new lifestyles.

Then, on June 4th, 2012, the day after my 19th birthday, I finally had sexual reassignment surgical process in Pennsylvania. After praying every night time time starting throughout the fifth grade to rise up a physically lady, I did. Although the healing process from my surgical process used to be long and excruciating, I was determined to be perceived as a natural lady, so I was extremely disciplined in all my post-surgery steps. During my pre- and post-operation procedures, what stored me going used to be the fact that I’d be capable to stand up throughout the morning and put on regardless of I wanted, and easily be. I would possibly repeat to myself, I’m going to be in a bikini; I’m going to be in a bikini.

After surgical process and a summer time of recent bathing suits, I went once more to college and started to become comfortable wearing devices like transient skirts and denim cut-offs, which allowed me to start to experiment and fiddle with my personal kind. I left in the back of the dishevelled tees paired with leggings and my fall seems started to surround outfits along with lace tops and tight black jeans. After studying in another country in Amsterdam all the way through my junior 12 months, I returned to college senior 12 months ready to indicate off my newfound self-love. My self belief had hit a over the top and I began to place on risque, bold outfits no one else would believe wearing. I wore my Dutch ex-boyfriend’s XL tank high with not anything on the other hand a couple of platform snakeskin shoes. I wore my mom’s lace cardigan from the 90s and not using a bra underneath, paired with a draping, red, high-slit skirt.

Corey Rae

Corey Rae

It became glaring at school that I was taking risks and, as common, now not apologizing for expressing myself freely. On my ultimate day of school classes, I wore not anything more than a bikini and 2 wedges. For graduation, I stripped off my robe, threw it over my shoulder, and strutted all the way through the level while blowing a kiss at our President (I on no account did like him). I left Hofstra an icon, on the other hand little did any one know I was transgender. In fact, no one knew until a 12 months later.

Five long years after graduating high school; 5 long years of conserving a vital part of myself hidden from my college pals, exes, and ex-lovers—I introduced my site. My first blog submit, titled, “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself,” used to be published in June 2016, correct after Gay Pride and just about a 12 months to the day since same-sex marriage used to be legalized national. In the submit, I were given right here out to the arena as transgender and posted the link as my Facebook status. Just like that, I was “out.” By the following night time, I was on Yahoo’s Beauty Section and my writing has persevered to knowledge the transgender group and the cisgendered people who wish to learn further about us.

I was taking risks and, as common, now not apologizing for expressing myself freely.

Corey Rae

Corey Rae

Today, I’d say my kind presentations a “Barbie gone shopping” glance, on the other hand I’ll all the time keep in mind that I wasn’t at all times ready to throw on a red maxi dress and head out of the house. Words can’t describe how painful it used to be to stand up every morning and dress a body I didn’t decide with. It wasn’t the best way to start out out the day and it took a toll on me. Being ready to place on thongs or a showering suit is something most ladies take without any consideration, on the other hand I couldn’t be further appreciative to don them.

Words can’t describe how painful it used to be to stand up every morning and dress a body I didn’t decide with.

If you’re nevertheless finding out this, which I’m hoping you’re, you can be wondering why I’m explaining an abridged style of my lifestyles’s tale. Well, I wish to officially introduce myself as a brand spanking new contributor to STYLECASTER. I’m hoping my writing will lend a hand inspire a broader sense of transgender acceptance, along with become a go-to helpful useful resource for transgender ladies (or any lady, for that subject) on fashion, class, and way of living concepts.

Our custom lacks admire for what transgender people go through, and we seldom assume specifically of transgender ladies as shocking. I’m proper right here to break those social stigmas spherical trans-women and display that we’re now not only shocking, on the other hand strong, courageous, attractive, and stylish.