Is raw food really better?


I’m always fascinated at the change of modern nutrition and new concepts, appearing nothing from the. Controversy “graphics in comparison to” but seems cooked for a long time, to be a resurgence of the end. “eat it raw” among regime the modes currently in vogue.

Is raw food really better?

Raw trailer can be very convincing and support, real as our ancestors to go back to the consumption of raw foods, away, before the emergence of include the kitchen and modern systems more turns.

Raw food is really better?

Raw food is really better?

Raw diets

The bulk of the raw diets recommend its members to eat only plants foods, namely fruits, vegetables, grains unsifted, not cooked or not cooked (usually in the form of germinated seeds), raw honey and nuts in the rough.

Raw meat of fish

Much hesitate at the idea of eating raw meat, but such as raw fish in sushi consumed, which is very popular in Western countries. Meat actually can be eaten raw, as a lover of proof, sashimi, carpaccio and tartare and the most steak lovers prefer their meat red or pink in the Middle anyway. Who has seen this already famous chefs at work know that judges frown on meat that is not dripping with juice.

Raw poultry meat and rare pork dishes are completely, but is not supported in the culinary industry. This can be bacteria, such as salmonella or worm infestation like the tapeworm because of fear of pollution. These meats are safest for human consumption, if cooked as a whole. Protein-rich food is generally safer than raw cooked. 

The size of brain theory

In the past suggested that some anthropologists for decades and the supporters of the theory of evolution’s the discovery of fire and how was one to cook food, the led and relatively fast development of the human brain to the spectacular (in evolutionary terms) – which increases brain of H. habilis erectus in h. to 50% when compared to its predecessor. At the same time reduced tooth in h. erectus more than ever before or after. 

These changes in modern anthropologists attribute 1.6 to 1.9 million years ago have occurred and there is this unprecedented expansion in the size of the brain, which makes it possible to develop various theories relating to h. as modern man erectus ate to have and the concept that they cooked their food.

According to Richard Wrangham, a biological anthropologist, the food that raw plant foods, and low amounts of raw, spend meat as gorillas and chimpanzees, so much time chewing and digesting the hard, fibrous roots, leaves and berries, make their diet to absorb enough energy to brain growth.

Make the discovery and control of the fire for cooking easier and faster digestion and also allows a greater absorption of important nutrients. Therefore, not only the teeth, but also the digestive system of the modern man is much smaller than that of our ancestors.

Wrangham has calculated that the members of erectus species h., who had to eat a similar in size to modern humans, but wild, unprocessed food, 5.5 kg of food per day to survive and keep their brains go to dinner would have had. Even if h. erectus ate only raw meat, it takes to chew tough meat from wild animals, at least 6 hours a day to get enough energy and nutrients.

Wrangham proposed that eating food, which is easier to digest and to make more absorbable nutrients, our ancestors in the location were cooked, sufficient energy and nutrients for your brain, increasing in size and complexity.

Until recently, there was little or no evidence, that human beings or their ancestors in the position have been to control and use fire for cooking by 1.9 million years ago, when unprecedented expansion of the brain took place this time. This caused many anthropologists and Paleologists to believe that it was not the fact, that our ancestors knew, how the food to Cook, but you managed it, catch him, and kill animals to the marrow from the bone and brain tissue, to get rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids fuel for the growth in the human brain.

Marvel cellar

Too often seems the case, evidence that our ancestors of the people is to be been managed to control that so far as discovered by Marvel in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa in the cave the fire may be for the kitchen close to 200,000 years earlier.

Humanoid people inhabit this cave for 2 million years, and it is here that the first plausible evidence has been found that our human ancestors were cooking with fire and at an early stage.

The team of researchers under the direction of archaeologist Paul Goldberg, Boston University noted that the bones in a layer of Ashy Marvel cave by a small fire of twigs and grasses burn at temperatures between 400 burned been o C and 700 o C and not by wildfire outside the cave.

Yet to explored

When while we are still for some archaeologists find evidence patients wait that people or their ancestors who could control this kitchen fire and cooking food around the time of the great expansion in the size of the human brain and complexity, theory of Wrangham powered our evolution is only a theory now.

However, when man, that consider cooked food offers more than 30% of the energy of the strength of oats, wheat, or potatoes raw varieties and up to 78% of the protein in a cooked egg, then maybe we seriously need the findings of archaeology and combine raw and cooked in our diet food put into.

According to Wrangham, members of modern raw food studies showed that had she tend to be underweight, and stopped up to 50% of women during menstruation. The effect of weight loss is highlighted, in some of the raw food sites, including for example stating that “weight loss almost certainly, is this regime.” Given the foregoing, it is to ensure that you and your children eat important, a balanced diet, rich in nutrients consists of raw and cooked food for optimal health.