Kim Kardashian’s Hairstylist Slams Blogger for KKW Fragrance Review


When it comes to the Kardashian-Jenners’ interior circle, Jen Atkin is a face that you just like recognize. The hairstylist has worked with each and every sister for years to craft their signature, Pinterest-worthy hairstyles. Atkin has been a part of the Kardashian-Jenner glam squad for due to this fact long that she’s just about family, which is why she used to be specifically defensive when a class blogger were given right here for her shopper, Kim Kardashian, and her KKW Beauty empire.

On Thursday, Gelcream, a class evaluations Instagram with more than 50,00zero fans, reviewed KKW Fragrance’s latest product, KKW Body. In their evaluation, Gelcream slammed Kim’s perfume as “a celebrity using fame as a tool to sell us some 💩.” Gelcream known as out KKW Beauty’s no-returns and no-exchange protection and by contrast Kim’s undertaking to “basic formulas” and “generic products” In the highest, Gelcream left Kim with a 3/5 evaluation for the perfume and a nil/5 for KKW Beauty as a complete. But that wasn’t previous than Gelcream known as Kim a “monster” and claimed that she used to be a “replicate mirrored image of America’s provide era.

“Isn’t Kim just a replicate mirrored image of our era? I’m afraid it used to be us who created this “monster”. I’m keeping this perfume as an emblem of America. I will’t go back it anyway. $60 + one different $15 for tax and 10-day supply — 3/5 for the perfume, zero/5 for KKW class type,” Gelcream wrote.

@kkwfragrance — Body Fragrance. I consider that’s a very powerful product to break my silence: the picture of consumerism. This is the only Kardashian-Jenner introduction I ever held in my hand and I want to admit, it feels excellent. Here is what I consider while touching her. Having the assets you’ll want to innovate in all spaces: create step forward components and production processes, new verbal exchange approaches; supply biggest purchaser help; research and increase with more youthful creatives… all of that to make products that can stay in history and improve our day by day lifestyles. Instead, what is going to we get? Sadly, a celeb using repute as a software to advertise us some 💩. Tiny companies with tiny budgets care more than KKW’s mega-brand. No returns, no exchanges, copy-paste designs, elementary components, generic products… isn’t Kim just a replicate mirrored image of our era? I’m afraid it used to be us who created this “monster”. I’m keeping this perfume as an emblem of America. I will’t go back it anyway. $60 + one different $15 for tax and 10-day supply — 3/5 for the perfume, zero/5 for KKW class type. #gelcream_kkw #gelcream_perfume

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Seeing what Gelcream wrote about her friend, Atkin took to Gelcream’s Instagram comments to slam the reviewer for writing a “nasty” evaluation. In her commentary, which used to be later screenshotted and posted on Gelcream’s Instagram tale, Atkin known as Gelcream a “miserable human being” for no longer supporting Kim, irrespective of Kim’s have an effect on on social media and her serve as in helping people make social media full-time careers. “YOU ARE MISERABLE HUMAN BEING PLEASE STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE AND START SUPPORTING WOMEN WHO HAVE HELPED MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO MAKE A LIVING ON INSTAGRAM. YOU SHOULD BE THANKING @KIMARDASHIAN,” Atkin wrote. (Gelcream notes in their Instagram bio that they don’t accept backed content material subject matter or commercials.)

Atkin went directly to criticize Gelcream for calling Kim a “monster” and writing a biased, “nasty” evaluation. The hairstylist ended her rant via telling Gelcream to “STFU” and “do research” to review that Kim’s undertaking is fully-fledged with heaps of of staff and doesn’t “shit out products like legacy brands.”


Jen Atkin

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This isn’t the principle time that Atkin and Gelcream have disagreed. In 2017, Gelcream reviewed 3 of Atkin’s OUAI Haircare products. In 1 evaluation of OUAI’s Dry Shampoo and Foam, Gelcream gave the products themselves a positive evaluation. But when it were given right here to Atkin’s type, the Instagram discussed that OUIA has “no soul” and that the packaging doesn’t in point of fact really feel “special” or “unique.” In the comments, Atkin defended herself, claiming that OUAI is “full of soul.” When Gelcream answered via explaining that they weren’t keen on OUAI’s sumptuous branding, Atkin countered via expressing type shall be every “relatable and luxury.” “our vibe is relatable and luxury it’s ok to have two tones. There’s no right and wrong in my opinion,” Atkin wrote.

A month later, Gelcream reviewed OUAI’s Wave Spray. Gelcream expressed that they have got been “not impressed” via OUAI’s spray, which they known as a “very basic product inside nice packaging.” “Left me with 0 emotions: not good, not bad,” Gelcream wrote. In the comments, Atkin defended that spray is surely one in every of OUAI’s bestsellers and that Gelcream’s harmful and in large part subjective complaint used to be like “calling someone’s baby ugly.”

“I appreciate your opinion but also only putting positive vibes out there is good for the soul,” Atkin wrote. “Because at the end of the day you’re going to offend someone who has worked and dreamed really big to make these products a reality. It’s like calling someone’s baby ugly you know?”

As you’ll be capable to see, Atkin’s initial comments in opposition to Gelcream had been cordial, so what took place between then and Gelcream’s KKW Fragrance evaluation, we’re not sure. Both tones grew to become a lot more harsh. We’re not sure what’s going to happen, on the other hand something tells us that Gelcream’s evaluations of OUAI—if there are any additional—received’t be as smartly mannered as they have got been previous than.