I Tried A No-Added-Sugar Challenge For A Month—Here’s What Happened


Let me once more up a little bit. By the highest of ultimate 12 months, I craved Halo Top or ice cream maximum nights after dinner…and gave into that yearning further most often than I would possibly like to admit.

So I decided to take control of the state of affairs through doing the sugar-holic’s equivalent of dry January: a no-added-sugar January.

The “added” part is very important—fruit and other foods with naturally happening sugars had been ok. The USDA recommends getting no more than 10% of your power from added sugars—which comes out to a max of 40 grams should you occur to’re eating about 1,600 power an afternoon. (The not unusual American exceeds that every day prohibit through about 30%, in line with the newest stats.)

Whereas a banana’s sugar comes with nutrients like potassium and fiber, the high-fructose corn syrup in something like soda is solely empty power. “They don’t really give your body anything of value,” says Angela Lemond, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And, bummer alert, they’ll put you at a greater risk for horrifying eventualities like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and maximum cancers.

Artificial sweeteners (like aspartame or stevia) and alcohol sugars (like erythitrol) aren’t necessarily upper. While one thing accredited through the FDA is, if truth be told, safe, Lemond says those sugar substitutes might motive fuel, bloating, and diarrhea. She supplies that some research suggests artificial sweeteners may just make stronger cravings for sweet foods. (Hmmm, so possibly my semi-recent food plan soda conduct had something to do with my adult-onset sweet teeth?)

My function with this drawback used to be to “reset” my taste buds so that I didn’t truly really feel like this type of slave to my cravings—and Lemond says I was onto something: “We crave what we eat, so if we start slowly changing the types of foods that we’re eating, you’re going to find that your taste buds will change.”

I figured that if I noticed each and every different positive effects inside the process, good day, the entire upper.

So I had 1 ultimate cookie on New Year’s Eve and braced myself. Here’s how my month of no-added-sugars went.

I spent a variety of time getting comfortable with aspect lists

As anyone who’s covered neatly being and diet for years, I knew that I was going to must avoid further than just candy and cookies since many foods that don’t taste sweet secretly pack sugar. Still, I had to brush up on the entire utterly other names for additonal sugar (there are more than 50!)—and spend a variety of time googling components I didn’t recognize.


At consuming puts, I was the irritating person who asked if there used to be a menu listing the entire components in each and every dish. But those steps had been so an important.

Name a foods, and also you’ll perhaps find a packaged or eating place style that incorporates added sugar—along with soups, sauces, salad dressings, sandwich bread, even roasted veggies at health-food consuming puts (remember: honey is one of those added sugar, too—and it don’t have as so much nutritional price as we now have been resulted in believe, Lemond says). In fact, generally it used to be virtually no longer imaginable to go looking out convenience foods that didn’t include “evaporated cane juice” or “maltose” (I’m looking at you, turkey bacon and sandwich bread).

I need I might say there were some foods I was shocked that I might consume, on the other hand…there merely weren’t. I did uncover quite a lot of packaged foods which have been ok (you’ll uncover my favorites underneath). But I in reality had to make my own bread each and every week to be able to consume the goodness that’s carbs. Which brings me to my next point…

I grew to become a meal prep grab

I really like cooking, on the other hand I’ve at all times been excellent at creating with excuses to reserve provide. (I’ve to walk to my dog. Or determine. Or in all probability I was just too exhausted from paintings.)

But only if I knew maximum consuming puts use added sugar, oh, frequently, I knew I had to kick my takeout conduct. So for the principle time in my existence, I started meal prepping.

I can merely say this right kind now: If you hate cooking, the no-added-sugar drawback perhaps isn’t for you. But I found out myself in reality in need of forward to Sundays with my Instant Pot and my stand mixer. (Yes, I know how lame that sentence sounds to any one who considers cooking a chore.)

It used to be awesome coming place of dwelling to in reality delicious foods like beef-barley soup, coconut-curry rooster, or kale-sauce pasta. Suddenly, I didn’t must waste any mental power during the week figuring out what I was going to consume because of I would possibly already decided on Sunday. Very swiftly, I noticed what choice of recipes I sought after to prep prematurely to feed my husband and myself on weeknights (2, so I had some variety on the other hand I might truly consume each and every little factor I made), along with the entire other logistical details involved in meal making plans. 

On weekends, since shall we no longer consume out—something we once in a while love doing—I would possibly make a specific dinner, like selfmade pizza. And generally I would possibly invite pals over for the development (our social existence did, admittedly, take slightly little bit of a hit during this month).

I can definitely continue meal prepping, on the other hand now I will incorporate some lower-sugar recipes into the combination, too.

This is your body on sugar:

Keeping a stash of whitelisted snacks stored my existence

Okay, in all probability that can be a slight overstatement. But I had a rocky start during which I significantly underestimated the amount of added-sugar-free foods I should ship to paintings and intense hanger ensued.

I started to reserve my favorites in bulk and maintain a stash at my administrative center so that I would possibly have them useful at all times. Some of my favorites:

  • Larabar Gluten Free Bar, Apple Pie, $16 for 16 bars, amazon.com
  • Classic Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs through Justin’s, $6 for 10 packs, amazon.com
  • Wonderful Pistachios Roasted and Salted Pistachios, $26 for 24 packs, amazon.com 

Finding quite a lot of consuming puts that are transparent in regards to the components they use used to be moreover key because of it helped me make a decision quite a lot of go-to foods for this present day after I wasn’t in a position to ship my lunch (when you’ve got Sweetgreen or Mulberry & Vine for your area, 10/10 would suggest).

And when all else failed, I knew I might grab a banana and a simple Greek yogurt from the local convenience store.

I didn’t uncover a huge exchange in my power levels 

People asked me such a lot if I “felt better” during my month with out a added sugar. And the truth is that I had a cold for a couple of weeks during the experiment, so…no, most certainly no longer. I didn’t uncover any positive adjustments in my pores and pores and skin, each (and I was so hoping that this experiment would strengthen my complexion).

That mentioned, I did truly really feel further satiated through my selfmade, no-added-sugar dinners than I did through the takeout I would possibly eaten previously—so I wasn’t as tempted to raid the pantry or the freezer in a while in search of something sweet to complete the night with.

And after I went once more to eating sugar, I did uncover that I merely felt ickier on days when I had in reality indulged. Almost like a low-level hangover.

Even even though I didn’t, Lemond says others might uncover further secure power and blood sugar levels, among other benefits. It merely depends upon the specific particular person and what their food plan gave the impression of previously.

I did, however, lose 7 pounds

To be transparent, I didn’t set out to lose any weight. Every time I was hungry, I ate something. I made that pizza I mentioned on 3 separate occasions (1 time with filled crust!). I had a small piece of selfmade bread with just about each and every lunch and dinner (I was giving up sugar, so I definitely may just no longer nix carbs, as effectively—I’m really not a robot). And I however had “dessert” as soon as I used to be yearning something sweet (subsequently the aforementioned bowls of blueberries and yogurt).

When I weighed myself 2 weeks in, I had out of place six pounds. And inside the ultimate 2 weeks, I out of place one different pound. A yoga teacher even steered me I gave the impression slimmer in opposition to the highest of the experiment. Lemond says weight loss most often does occur when people decrease out added sugars, on the other hand that it isn’t a guarantee (yet again, it is predicated upon how so much added sugar you have got been eating previous than—and it seems that the answer used to be such a lot for me!). She supplies that should you occur to do scale back weight, it’s vulnerable to be spherical your midsection.

But what about my sugar cravings? 

Toward the highest of the month, problems like coconut Larabars started tasting super-sweet to me, far more so than they’d previous than. Even Justin’s peanut butter started to truly really feel like an indulgence.

I’m glad to record that, post-experiment, I however haven’t were given the burning want for goodies each and every unmarried night that I did previous than. When it does strike, I most often uncover myself attaining for fruit and feeling happy in a while (who am I?!). And after I consume something savory—like bread or soup—I will tell straight away if it has added sugar because of it tastes off to me.

Of direction, I was curious to look whether or not or no longer ice cream would seem unbearably saccharine since I would possibly long gone so long without it. But after I finally treated myself to a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough, it tasted…in reality excellent. What can I say? You can take the ice cream clear of the woman, on the other hand…

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