How to Find the Best Lingerie for Your Body Type


Let’s face it — we’ve were given a love-hate courting with undies. Once you find the piece of undies or bra that makes you’re feeling invincible, existence is good, if now not great, alternatively all of the purchasing and attempting pieces on elements are, successfully, less than favorable.

But we’ve got created a knowledge to help you uncover undies that the majority appropriately suits your body shape, in conjunction with an entire bra-fitting knowledge from bra skilled Kimmay Caldwell from Hurray Kimmay. Lingerie purchasing is also nervous, so we’re proper right here to take the guessing out and let you uncover the correct pieces to your undies collection.

Kimmay has more than 12 years of bra-fitting and lingerie-industry experience, and her project is to “guide women to feel great on inside, outside and underneath it all.” She knowledgeable us her 2 primary pieces of advice when searching for undies are:

  1. Take a deep breath and know that the size at the tag doesn’t define who you’re. You must now not those numbers, and don’t be surprised when you find yourself wearing a size you not at all concept you’d.
  2. Start with the basics. Whether you’re expanding or reinventing your undies collection, take kid steps. Start with pieces which may also be outside your conventional frequently comfort zone — like a brand spanking new colour or lace bra — regardless of feels specific to you. Then start expanding via purchasing matching pieces like a garter belt or sleepwear. These little upgrades make it more practical and more practical to start out out incorporating undies into your existence. Don’t be afraid to take it sluggish and uncover what feels just right for you.

First problems first: Bras

According to Kimmay, there are 5 primary steps to turning into the correct bra.

  1. Focus at the band: The band provides 90 % of the bra’s assist, so it ought to compare snugly and be parallel to the bottom.
  2. Focus at the underwire: The underwire ought to compare absolutely spherical your bust and also you shouldn’t actually really feel any digging or slipping.
  3. Focus at the cups: Figure out your bust shape so you’ll find a cup that works biggest to your breasts. Is the cup gapping? Try a shallower scale back or smaller cup. Are you spilling out? Try a fuller coverage kind or larger cup.
  4. Focus at the straps: Your straps provide the overall 10 % of your bra’s assist. Straps ought to score 1 inch off your shoulder with a gentle tug. With the right bra fit, you’ll have the ability to slip your straps off your shoulders and your bra must however fit your bust and stay put.
  5. Focus at the texture: Ultimately, how do you’re feeling throughout the bra? A bra more fit can tell you how your bra fits, alternatively only you understand how you’re feeling in it.

Let’s speak about undies

There in reality isn’t a do and don’t knowledge for undies. If you’re feeling just right in it, then rock it. But when you’re undecided where to start out out or feeling similar to you wish to have some ideas, we’ve were given indexed out the perfect pieces to strengthen various body shapes.


It’s time to play up your long limbs — upload garter belts, a corset, a teddy or a bustier. Since you have to have a longer torso or legs, you’ll have the ability to placed on undies pieces with somewhat additional material without it seeming like “too much” coverage.

Kimmay’s bra tip: “​If your torso is long, make sure your bra straps can adjust to the length you need. A fully adjustable strap is best.”


Look for devices to play up your sculpted body, paying homage to cheeky or thong undies, cutouts or sheer slips. Cutouts and push-up bras will also help create curves.

Kimmay’s bra tip: ​”Typically talking — however now not all the time — those that are very athletic generally tend to have much less breast tissue since breasts are made most commonly of fatty tissue. I extremely recommend getting a couple of bras that play up your form in several tactics (assume bralettes, bustiers, balconette bras).”


If you’re petite, two-pieces and gadgets normally paintings biggest to your small frame. Long slips, heavy fabrics and one-pieces in most cases don’t fit appropriately. You may additionally rock a bralette and pieces with a lot much less underwire or assist.

Kimmay’s bra tip: “​For those who are very short, strap length is a major issue. I highly suggest a bra that has fully adjustable straps so you can get the proper length. You can also have a seamster take out a few inches or use a handy accessory like a strap converter, or a Strap Saver.”

Curvy/plus size

Play up your curves. Look for plunging necklines to signify off your chest or decorative undies. If you’re looking for somewhat additional coverage, kid doll garments, rompers, corsets and waist cinchers are the correct strategies to be able to upload somewhat additional material to the combo alternatively however make you’re feeling attractive. We moreover love the idea of looking for garments or rompers with cutouts, sheer paneling and lace to spice problems up.

Kimmay’s bra tip: ​​”The No. 1 tip for a any bra wearer, alternatively in particular a curvy woman, is to be sure you’re wearing the right size.​ Remember that the bra alphabet is going a ways previous DD, and getting a comfortable fit underneath the bust (where you could be very slender compared to your bust or hips) and a cup that fits your entire bust inside of is key to feeling supported and at ease (and taking a look out your biggest!)”