Do Aphrodisiac Foods Actually Work?


Many folks take pleasure in sex and because of this have long grew to become to totally other foods to lend a hand get themselves — and their partners — throughout the mood. Pop custom tells us foods like oysters and chocolate are presupposed to make us in reality really feel sexy, on the other hand is there any fact — or science — to that? Or does it even topic? (If something you devour makes you’re feeling additional amorous, does it in reality make a difference why?)


If you asked any person to name an aphrodisiac foods, chances are high that top they’re going to head in conjunction with oysters first. This is sensible given how long the association between this bivalve and sex has been spherical. According to legend (and Drs. Cristian Bosch and John A. Robinson of The Hormone Zone), Casanova and Cleopatra have been fans of this quintessential libido kick-starter. Not only that, on the other hand oysters are moreover anthropomorphic, as they visually remind us of sex, mimicking the type of the vulva and vagina, Bosch and Robinson upload.

As a ways for the reason that science, Bosch and Robinson say oysters come with B12 and potassium, along with an abundance of zinc, which is necessary for testosterone production for every men and women.

“Food should tantalize and invigorate the senses, and that is exactly what [an oyster] does when it is swallowed,” they follow.

Can you wait for an instantaneous build up in an instant after ingestion? Not most likely, says Kim Anami, holistic sex and courting skilled and founder of the Anami Alchemia sexual wellness product line. But that doesn’t indicate the texture of the oyster itself is not going to get you throughout the mood.


Aside from oversize drugstore teddy bears and generic greeting enjoying playing cards, sweets are one different Valentine’s Day staple. But is it simply a near-universally appropriate praise, or does it move deeper than that?

“Chocolate increases a hormone called PEA [phenylethylamine] that is directly associated with experiences of ecstasy, just like sex and orgasm,” Bosch and Robinson explain. “Dark chocolate also increases dopamine, another feel-good hormone that keeps us positive and happy, all leading to increased libido and sexual satisfaction. Form follows function, and as these substances are imbibed, our physiology shifts towards sexual desire and performance.”

And no, now not all chocolate is created equivalent. Dark chocolate is greatest for reaping any neatly being benefits because of it’s higher in PEA and reduce in sugar. Not only is the diminished amount of sugar upper for you, on the other hand, in response to Bosch and Robinson, sugar is counterproductive to height sexual potency.

Chili peppers

Eating this highly spiced phallic foods has moreover long been associated with increased sex power. Bosch and Robinson say this is because of an vigorous aspect referred to as capsaicin, which reasons blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow into.

“Capsaicin also causes the brain to release the feel-good chemicals known as endorphins,” they upload. “All of this leads to an external appearance of sexual desire, such as flushed skin, swollen lips and dilated pupils and of course increased blood supply for penile erections and clitoral engorgement. This stimulates your own desire, [and] signals to your partner that you are ready.”


Not only would watermelon make a great post-coital foods (hello there, rehydration), Anami says it may also act as an aphrodisiac. The fruit is over the top throughout the amino acid citrulline, which expands blood vessels similar to Viagra does, she notes, nevertheless it no doubt’s unclear exactly how so much a person should devour to in reality really feel the effects.


Not only are bananas suggestive in shape, moreover they come with bromelain, an enzyme which triggers testosterone production, Dr. Christopher Calapai, an osteopathic physician and board-certified family medicine practitioner tells SheKnows. On top of that, the fruit’s potassium and diet B carry energy levels and Calapai says that “the high sugar content gives the brain a kick!”


Amy Reiley, creator of best-selling aphrodisiac cookbook Eat Cake Naked and editorial director of Eat Something Sexy notes that some aphrodisiac foods paintings because of they come with stimulants. That makes coffee undoubtedly one in all her personal favorites because of it acts as a mood enhancer along with a stimulant, which would possibly make your time throughout the mattress room additional satisfying and possibly longer-lasting.


Other foods are considered sensual because of their odor. Truffles — the fungi, now not the decadent sweets — fall into that magnificence (even though the odor of chocolate cakes would possibly in reality be sexy too). Reiley says cakes are in reality useful as being considerably environment friendly for women because of their aroma resembles that of the male pheromone androstenone.

Aphrodisiac herbs & spices

According to Anami, your greatest bet is aphrodisiac herbs, which she says are additional concentrated in their potency. Some examples include maca, saffron, yohimbe and ginseng, which she says do each section, rising problems like libido, erectile power, orgasmic possible and hormonal production.

In addition, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg — in most cases referred to as the “warming spices” — carry body temperatures, supposedly to the aim at which it encourages folks about to interact in sexual workout to remove their clothes, Reiley says.

At the highest of the day (or meal), no foods affects everyone within the equivalent method. Feeding oysters to any person allergic to seafood, as an example, may just finish outcome throughout the night finishing in a health center bed than your bed. And reverse to modern belief, now not everyone likes chocolate. But, depending at the explicit individual and situation, positive foods in most cases is a relaxing addition on your romantic plans.

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