5 updates necessary to debate: Abuse of Miss Universe, Pirates of the choice, and more


This week was one of all time, not only in terms of this particular election, but what about American politics in General. Donald Trump Hillary Clinton and continues to break records and make history, for better or for worse. Monday’s debate, in case you had not heard, was the most watched ever compute in 84 million viewers and millions of people the most web streamer – it’s more than the last most watched debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in 1980, and much, much more than the final episode of Seinfeld, America’s favorite sitcom.

Next week we will see, the Vice Presidential candidate with much fanfare of less and less viewers, no doubt – with two collision follow debates President more before the end of October. But I think it’s safe to say that no matter how wild a few get the next debates, difficult at the beginning of the expectation will be surrounded the fear and the intensity, the Clinton administration and its first Trump (more below). With a little more than a month until the day of the election, make sure you are registered to vote and find out with the latest news of the campaign map, down to remember.

5 updates necessary after debate: abuse of Miss Universe, pirates of the election and more

Trump continues to abuse, former Miss Universe

Since the fat shame (Miss Piggy “”) and racist insults (“Miss budget”) was not enough, Trump reached a new nadir with his last Tweet alignment of the former Miss Universe Alicia Machado . This morning he beat Machado called “disgusting” in a Tweet beat Machado has a past, sexual, that she should be ashamed as a form of a sex tape. Not that we should be surprised by this, but it is somehow still shocking how despicable can trump. He is the presidential candidate and has more time to intimidate this poor woman, who has been the target of his abuse of years?

Machado in 1996, and it is then Trump (a show producer) started to abuse him. According to the New York Times , Machado had anorexia and bulimia and had to see therapists for years after abuse from Trump, while she was only 18. After his victory – 12, to be exact – and Trump, who was producer of the pageant, took advantage of the opportunity, make incredibly sexist and racist remarks, she won a few extra pounds. “She gained a tremendous amount of weight, and it was a real problem,” he told Fox News. He went with her to a gym, where he posed for photos while she worked, while he said: “It’s someone who like to eat.” I have no words.

Own supporters admit that he lost the pronunciation

While Trump determine, who wins a presidential election debate is clearly a subjective effort after Monday, expert analysis, were as well as surveys are solid for Clinton. But Trump (shock!) with a little wrong, accept it. He said during the campaigning in New Hampshire this week, said “any online survey, that we won…”.

I had to fight the anchor of all time, what I said. What a wrong thing, I tell you, we are in a rigged system, it’s horrible. “Now, Trump, is it true, the system is manipulated, but not in the way, how, you’re talking about. NPR reported that, after debate, Trump cited any poll saying he actually won “no scientific Internet popularity of competition.”… no predictive value A true scientist CNN poll found that 62 percent of voters thought that Clinton had better performance, while 27 percent said that Trump did. Meanwhile, Trump is crazy, because its employees and consultants have journalists admitted that he was in fact in the debate to fight.

Clinton camp prepares for tough voters of Florida

Debate acceptable victory page, Hillary Clinton must win real votes in some swing States to assert the White House in November, and Florida is one of the most important. To his chances of capturing voters undecided, comply with the campaign financing in the advertising and Bill Clinton send on a bus tour to encourage enthusiasm of Afro-Americans pushing minorities in all – politically. Barack and Michelle Obama are also planned, taken to the trail in Florida on behalf of Mrs. Clinton. Let’s see, whether pull out all the stops is his voice, what she needs in the Sunshine State.

Obama magic on why voters, Clinton

Why should you for Hillary Clinton, it is no matter what your problems with him, no matter how imperfect, vote, and no matter who is gone, are you in? Simply because if you don’t you help endangered, gives the Chairman of Trump. That’s what Wednesday said President Obama in an interview on the morning show Steve Harvey: “If you do not agree, it is a vote for Trump,” he said. It is also said to have legacy, that those who choose not to vote is offended because he a Presidency trumps what has done quickly all the work over the past eight years.

You’d think it had been corrupted a concept that would be obviously now – the light of the foregoing considerations, the right to vote altogether just because you don’t like your options or vote for a party less well-known principle has, to defend your beliefs. Whether he wants to or not, one of them becomes President, we are all what we do a favor and choose the less terrible we are? I think that we all follow son Barack and Bernie on this one.

20 States are victims of Pirates of the electoral system

The newscasts of NBC, who were hacking attempts on electoral systems in more than 20 States, according to a senior Department of homeland security official, who says, that DHS is “absolutely concerned”, to create the pirates who have ability, confusion and chaos on election day. Only two of the successful injuries were known fundamentals of the voter registration online in Illinois and Arizona, which were related to the pirates in Russia.

Even if hackers successfully affecting a database, if the hacks continues, it could be the American public doubts about security and truth about the outcome of the election. Hope, as we are upstairs with another wind not 2004 on our hands.