What is Saifu_AI ICO? An e-wallet for all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies – Modern crypto trading platform


Saifu_AI ICO is a project to build a unified currency system “One Account For All Fiat Currencies & Cryptocurrencies”, supporting all kinds of legal currency and currency coding (virtual currency) – a trading platform can buy and sell virtual money. Saifu Tokens are issued according to ERC20 standards based on Ethereum.

What is Saifu_AI ICO? An e-wallet for all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies - Modern crypto trading platform
What is Saifu_AI ICO? An e-wallet for all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies – Modern crypto trading platform

What is Saifu_AI ICO? An e-wallet for all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies – Modern crypto trading platform

Ideas, Technologies and Benefits that Saifu brings

Saifu offers customers the simplicity of an account for all their currencies, including fiat, the currency that most are familiar with, and even the cryptocurrency. Saifu’s services are guaranteed, manageable and easy to use – and that means almost anyone can create, manage and use a Saifu account.

The benefits of Saifu account:

Safety: Saifu’s multi-level security, bank guarantee to keep customers safe.

Managed : Unlike most secret transactions, Saifu has a license and is supervised by external managers.

Easy to use : Saifu applications are extremely convenient and easy to use so customers do not need any special skills to be able to master the account.

Advantages of Saifu AI:

Safe : Saifu builds many automated programs that control the encoding, interleaving them into the system for continuous testing and verification to enhance security and protect the system from external attacks. . Saifu’s security rating is considered a world-class bank, supported by Thales hardware security modules, so even if hackers attack Saifu’s system, Thales should be overtaken. Obtain the user account lock.

IBAN Account : All users who are granted access to a dedicated IBAN account can be used to store and manage both crypto and fiat assets in one place. With the use of this account, users can eliminate the complexities often associated with dealing with different cryptocurrency. Saifu talks, links and extends the network with fiat platforms to secure this benefit for the user.

Legitimate : Saifu fully complies with all the “KYC / AML” regulations currently available for both traditional and blockchain transactions. Saifu obtained a license from the Czech National Bank in May 2017.

With a single Saifu account, users can:

• Asset storage

• Transfer, property transactions

• Daily payments

• Use as a business account

Saifu AI for individuals and businesses:

  • Authorized Payee / License of Cellphone Organization
  • IBAN accounts are available in fiat and crypto currencies
  • SEPA integration
  • The programs are for post-ICO companies who want to store and use both currency and passwords for business operations.
  • Payroll programs in currencies and crypto
  • Cryptokuritics acquires and pays for online and offline businesses
  • The foundation for buying and keeping secure and easy encryption passwords targeted to non-tech savvy users
  • Enhanced business robot for cryptography with full use of AI and large data
  • Main license of Visa and Mastercard
  • Mobile Payments – Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay
  • Fiat may be acquired
  • Card issuance

Saifu for banks:

  • Currency and fiat currencies are easy and safe to use for individuals, businesses and banks.
  • Licenses of commercial banks
  • Interbank platform for credit clearing operations (we exchange correspondent bank-participant accounts)
  • Save deposits in both fiat and cryptokurrencies
  • Credit
  • Open API


Saifu_AI ICO Token Sale information
Saifu_AI ICO Token Sale information

Saifu token details:

Token name: SaifuToken

Code: SFU

Total supply: SFU 200 000 000

Chuẩn: ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain)

Line: utility

Softcap: $ 10 million

Hardcap: $ 49 million

ICO: 19.02.2018–30.04.2018

Price: 1 SFU = 0.0001 BTC

Payment acceptance: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE

Saifu’s token allocation mechanism:

65% – open to the community in the ICO

25% – Founder, Development Team, Advisor

10% – Marketing Campaign

Allocation of investment capital:

40% – License and legal procedures

40% – Development (Infrastructure 15% + Technology 15% + Human 10%)

15% – Marketing

5% – Product development



April 2016: Office and procedures

May 2017: European Payment Authorization

September 2017: correspondent bank

October 2017: Accounting system for cryptocurrency

November 2017: Security system to store cryptocurrency

March 2018: MVP

Q2 2018: Expanded Payout & Public Launch


Payment processing by Cryptocurrency for businesses online and offline

Advanced trading bot for cryptocurrency is built with AI and large data

License of Visa and MasterCard

Credit card brand Saifu

Having a banking license

Extend to other jurisdictions



The Saifu development team is highly specialized in banking and cryptocurrency, mostly from Russia and has over 10 years of experience:

Alexander Legoshin:  Chairman of the Board of Directors, Co-Founder

Evgeny Vigovsky:  Director of Operations & Technology, Co-Founder

Zach Murray:  Head of Communications

Danil Perushev:  Director of Business Development

Eizens Slava:  Manager in charge

Victoria Kolosova:  Legal Manager

Leonid Kondratiev:  Head of Marketing

Lola Khater:  Marketing support

Nikolay Essence:  Artistic Director

Denis Katkov:  Project Management

Maxim Prishchepo:  Blockchain developer

Anatoliy Sokolnikov:  Blockchain developer

Dmitry Glukhodedov:  Budget Management Specialist


Timothy Enneking:  Strategic Advisor

Ben Banerjee:  Finance & Investment

Aleksandr Minakov:  ICO Advisor

Johnson Chng:  Management Consultant

Vaclav Bedrich:  UX Design & Products


Website: http://ico.saifu.ai – http://saifu.ai

Whitepaper: https://ico.saifu.ai/Saifu-WhitePaper.pdf

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/saifuai

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AiSaifu

Bitcointalk forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2472594.0

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