Galaxy Tab S stronger, more beautiful and cheaper


The race is quite fierce mini tablet on the market. Galaxy Tab S (version 8.4inch) and mini iPad 3 are two of the most advanced tablet and “hottest” today. Except platform-specific applications and different but Tab S has many features clearly superior.

Galaxy Tab S stronger, more beautiful and cheaper
Galaxy Tab S stronger, more beautiful and cheaper

Thin, lightweight and delicate

Impression on first sight for S Tab 8.4 is a very thin 6.6mm tablet, only 7 credit card overlap. With size also impressive 200 x 134.7 x 7.5mm, and iPad mini 3 weighing 331g than 294g. Technology’s super AMOLED tablet Galaxy Tab S gives users a vivid visual experience

Samsung has equipped super AMOLED technology on display 8.4-inch display technology applications WQXGA (2560 x 1600 pixels, 16:10 aspect ratio). This technology combines the most advanced display with full high-end applications for this product line, providing the user with a visual experience and live entertainment. Meanwhile, mini iPad 3 QXGA resolution only (2048×1536 pixels). If converted into the number of pixels per inch (ppi), version 8.4 Galaxy Tab S “with a density of up to 359ppi compared to 304ppi iPad mini.

Displays sharp, vivid

Regarding color reproduction capability, the test showed that Super AMOLED technology has the ability to regenerate more than 90% of the Adobe RGB color card – which is 20% higher than the average of about 70% of the technology TFT LCD Retina screen. On the contrast, Super AMOLED screen contrast reaches up to 100,000: 1, much higher than 1,000: 1 of the Retina display, and higher than the average of 1,300: 1 of TFT LCD say General. With this contrast, Tab S display deeper, sharper and more real.

Galaxy Tab S stronger, more beautiful and cheaper 2
Galaxy Tab S stronger, more beautiful and cheaper 2

In addition, the Galaxy Tab S screen is capable of displaying more clearly than 3 mini iPad screen under sunlight. Monitoring results showed that the screen Galaxy Tab S is only the reflection of light is 4.6%, while the iPad mini screen reflectance of 6.9%. In order to more easily visualize the screen on the Galaxy Tab S set at 75% brightness still clear and bright images than new mini iPad screen brightness to 100%. Interestingly, in the light environment is very weak, the screen of the Galaxy Tab S brightness just 2CD / m2, compared with 6cd / m2 of screen iPad mini. Therefore, the users feel much more comfortable.

Samsung also equip Gaklaxy Tab S a technology that iPad does not have: Adaptive Display (intelligent auto show). Use mDNIe chipset, this technology allows automatic adjustment of the picture modes to best fit the content display, optimized color range, saturation and sharpness of images. Using an embedded RGB sensor, Adaptive Display technology has the ability to analyze their surroundings, assess the quality of light to provide color and brightness almost natural. Furthermore, super AMOLED technology consumes less power than LCDs because not require backlighting (back light).

Super strength

Configuration, both versions Tab S are using the eight-core processor Exynos 5 of Samsung (4 cores running speed of 1.9 GHz and 4 cores running speed of 1.3 GHz), 3 GB RAM, the 16 GB internal memory (supports external memory card slot). In particular, this is the first tablet from Samsung provides the Vietnam market that supports both Wi-Fi and cellular networks superfast 4G LTE. Previously, the Samsung models of distribution for Vietnam market are only supports 3G networks

Galaxy Tab S stronger, more beautiful and cheaper 3
Galaxy Tab S stronger, more beautiful and cheaper 3

Compared to the iPad mini 2, the configuration of the iPad 3 mini nothing remarkable, and M7 remains the A7 chip 64-bit architecture from a year ago and was upgraded to 1GB of RAM. This also disappointed many followers as they expect from IFAN A8 chip stronger. Perhaps, this will be an improvement for the next version of the company.

Camera impression

Another could not say when it comes to Galaxy Tabs S is the best quality camera than the tablet line on the market today. Back of the camera sensor used 8MP still camera 2.1MP sensor before use. Meanwhile, quite similar to other high-end tablet on the market, mini iPad 3 only equipped with 5MP camera and front camera is 1.2MP. Points that make up the difference on the camera’s ability to capture Tab S is quick and sharp handling good light in the morning gap, though the speed of the shooting is still quite slow.

Application Platform

iPad mini to use the new operating system iOS 8.1, sync with Apple devices and integrated fingerprint sensor TouchID. Tab S using Android 4.4 platform and integrated KitKat TouchWizUI interface of Samsung.


mini iPad 3 Retina 64GB version is priced at 15.99 million VND while S Tab 8.4 inch version only costs VND 11,990,000 and 13.990.000VND for 10.5 inch version.


After all, the iPad Mini 3 is still a good device on the market, but it is not worthy to be called an upgrade. Many people will choose to buy iPad Mini 2 because they do not feel spend $ 100 more to get the ID Sensor Touch. And the Galaxy Tab S has proved totally superior than most tablets available on the market: lightweight, fingerprint sensors, platforms professional security applications, multi-screen mode, support multiple user accounts … Besides, Samsung also introduced a range of accessories for products such as Book Cover can be used as a base for the machine in 3 different angles, suitable for users to watch video, typing or reading e-books; Bluetooth keyboard designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab S. - Instant Exchanger