Review SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 (G900H) – The best Samsung smartphone in 2014


In the Mobile World Congress 2014, Samsung has fast launched the Galaxy S5, super smartphone as the expectation of technology world with many new upgrades than the S4, this is main weapon of the Samsung in 2014. S5 equipped Snapdragon chip 4’s 801, 2.5GHz, the screen Super AMOLED 5.1″ 16MP camera and intelligent sensor series first appeared in one smartphone. This device is suitable for successful businessmen or customers who love technology.

Review SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 (G900H) - The best Samsung smartphone in 2014

Super AMOLED 5.1″ sharp screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a Super Amoled screen, Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, size 5.1″, newest Android OS Kit Kat. Moreover with Adaptive Live Technology on S5 will help shapes and colors are displayed in a factual way, and sharp. Products include 4 colors are black, white, yellow and green.

Crust back of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is made leather with edges made from polycarbonate composite and fiberglass. It has 142.0 x 72.5 standard size and weight of 145g x 8,1mm. the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is made. The back cover of Samsung Galaxy S5 are made “leather” from polycarbonate material with small holes design

Super power configuration

Samsung Galaxy S5 uses Exynos CPU consisting of four 8-speed 1.9GHz Cortex A15 and Cortex A7 4 1.3GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory and 32GB options and can expand via microSD cards of up to 128GB. With this configuration, S5 gives you super terrible run smoother multitasking, web surfing experience, play the hardest 3D games on the big screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped 2.800mAh capacity battery. In addition, this device is integrated Ultra Power Saving Mode mode to “live” added 24 with 10% battery.

Advanced connection

Connector of the Galaxy S5 is equipped with the most modern technology today: Wi-Fi MIMO (802.11ac), NFC, IR port, support LTE Cat 4 with download speeds of 150Mbps, 50Mbps upload speeds, Bluetooth 4.0, bLE / ANT + USB 3.0. Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 4.4.2. (KitKat), traditional TouchWiz interface.

S5 runs on the Android 4.4 platform (KitKat) Google’s latest, traditional TouchWiz interface.

S5 runs on the Android 4.4 platform (KitKat) Google's latest, traditional TouchWiz interface.

16MP Camera, 4K video recording 

Samsung Galaxy S5 16MP camera’s integrated the most modern image sensor ISOCELL, for optimal image quality and vibrant colors. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 has stirred the world smartphone is equipped with the following resolution 13MP camera, to S5, Samsung has upgraded to 16MP camera, 5312 x 2988 pixels. But still not equipped with camera button on the camera body, but the snapshot has become easier to an icon on the S5 is located on the right corner of lock screen.

With ISOCELL sensors and speed autofocus (AF) on the S5, it has been significantly improved, quickly and accurately. S5 is the first smartphone from Samsung supports standard 4K video though only a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

Through actual test, experience shooting with S5 is quite comfortable, convenient and easy to use with intuitive interface and very simple. Samsung has added a valuable utility is the ability to preview (Preview) HDR mode even when not taking pictures. Thus, the user can know the status before after picture photography in low light conditions to enable or disable this mode off. This HDR capture mode for color images in a true and beautiful

Some new features are added to the S5 which is Selective Focus, also known as Vietnamese Focus selection. This feature is similar to “shoot first, focus later” has appeared on the Lytro camera or in the form of a smartphone application in advance. After activation Selective Focus, users will need to keep the camera fixed to a series of pictures in many different focus points, then all of a transplant.

Through the processing algorithm of Selective Focus, shots will eventually allow users to review in three modes including AF sharp near, far and lia (the points are sharp) with the cut edges are quite accurate . Although many image processing speed is not high, but this is a pretty valuable utility on Galaxy S5. Easy to understand, Galaxy S5 was added ability to take pictures “delete fonts” (background blur) which can only be achieved when shooting from the line DSLR or mirrorless lens has a large aperture.

16MP Camera, 4K video recording
16MP Camera, 4K video recording

Fingerprint Sensor security instead of heartbeat

Previously rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 will use security technology to open the machine scans the retina, but this has been replaced with waving like the Apple iPhone 5S activities which are very effective. The reason may be due to the company concerned in case the user does not open the machine while wearing sunglasses or in low-light environments.

Before launch, the site broadcast technology that Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors will “open up its own” security application scans the retina. However all wrong!

The sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 requires users to surf the finger from the home button below to unlock, other than on the iPhone 5S Touch ID to the security of personal data on the smartphone. Also, a point worth noting is that the Galaxy S5 will be the first smartphone sensors integrated health care, allowing applications to measure S-Health 3.0 heartbeat mechanism of light emission by identifying vascular users.

Dust against and water resistant

Samsung Galaxy S5 is resistant to dust and water protection (IP67 standard), protection of water environment at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes through the connector port cover to prevent water and dust from entering the machine.

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