Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition is an upgraded version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 with superior features compared to its predecessor. Product design is exquisite, the dorsal leather, Super Clear LCD screen 10.1 inch, 8MP Camera with LED Flash with multiple modes and many other useful features


Experience great picture, sharp

GALAXY Note 10.1 is equipped with a new screen with high resolution WQXGA for ultra sharp picture quality like crystals on a large screen. Resolution of outstanding advantages to Vietnam to bring you the wonderful visual experience. All contents watch Full HD support optimal quality while ensuring the best. All images and video are displayed crisp and vivid than ever.

Screen interface with your own style

Screen interface with  your own style
Screen interface with your own style

GALAXY Note 10.1 brings you the exciting experience as you’re watching the magazine actually 10.1 inches wide screen. You can monitor your own favorite menu by offering apps, websites, movies, data, or folders onto the screen.

Multitasking Operating powerful and easy

GALAXY Note 10.1 brings you comfortable operating multiple tasks on a wide screen so you can run two applications simultaneously, such as watching movies and notes on the Note. Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 10.1 also allows you to draw even while you are doing some other tasks such as watching movies on the device

Design portable remarkable, showing class

Samsung has continuously brought innovation to improve the GALAXY Note 10.1nhung optimal. Area wider screen by screen edges are beveled thin a subtle way. Moreover, the size, weight was significantly improved to help meet all of your needs. Let’s enjoy the ability to work and powerful entertainment on every journey with outstanding mobility of Galaxy Note 10.1.

Classic style

Luxury leather back cover GALAXY Note 10.1 brings a classic look and elegant than ever. The delicate lines make sense to use the manual as true, while minimizing the possibility bumps and scratches.

With S Note intelligent, life has never been easier

With S Note intelligent, life has never been easier
With S Note intelligent, life has never been easier

Prepare and manage notes quickly and easily. You can note or sketch the shape and adjust more complete with S Note without spending a lot of draw or write back. Simple, you just painted or written, then S Note instantly modify them into perfect shape or digital text. Over all, the premium features of Easy Chart Vietnam will immediately adjust the hand-drawn diagrams professional charts in a snap easily.

The command does not touch the Air Command

5 Easy access to intelligent features of the S Pen

Once holding the S Pen in hand, all work will be completed immediately excellence. Bringing S Pen near any location on the screen and press the button on the S Pen itself, you will be linked to the five features of the S Pen smart as:
+ Action Memo: Instant implementation notes
+ Scapbook: Book ideas Multimedia
+ S Finder: Search intelligent
+ Pen Window: Window multitasking
+ Screen Write: Notes directly on photos

Note immediately

Execute the command works fast notes. Experience superior comfort and Action Memo. Touch to turn handwritten notes into work orders and associated with many other useful features. Notes connects you to the 7 common daily tasks (call, save contacts, messaging or email, web browsing and finding locations)

Scrapbooker – book ideas

Gather and manage content easily. Now you can easily collect and organize all types of content, including web pages, YouTube videos, videos, photos … on the Note 10.1 to your own style on ‘Scrapboook’. - Instant Exchanger