REVIEW HTC DESIRE EYE, top smartphone from HTC


In the  Double Exposure event on 9-Oct, HTC has launched a high-end smartphone of Desire serial called HTC Desire Eye. This product has a premium cameras with 13-megapixel and dual LED flash, HTC emphasizes imaging features on the new smartphones.

REVIEW HTC DESIRE EYE, top smartphone from HTC image
REVIEW HTC DESIRE EYE, top smartphone from HTC

HTC Desire Eye’s Design

Eye Desire Unibody design traditional monolithic as the other Desire phone line, the difference is the chassis using durable plastic rather than metal Polycacbonate completely as One M8. Design of Desire Eye divided into three distinct parts visible, for example in the blue version, the front of the phone has white border around the blue and blue dorsal surface.

Front of the phone is touch screen 5.2 inches large size (larger than the Xperia Lumia 830 Z3 or stop at 5 inches) below the HTC logo, the three touch keys of the Android operating system is integrated integrated into the screen, so will occupy a space area use.

HTC Desire Eye's Design image
HTC Desire Eye’s Design

Above is the front camera resolution to 13-megapixels with dual LED flash comes to true-tone light support, besides the telephone microphone and light sensor. Both sides in the bottom of HTC Desire Eye are integrated BoomSound dual speaker system for superior sound quality, while the speaker is also cleverly to make waterproof.

The left side is the slot Nanosim phone and memory card, next to the increase-decrease the volume keys, power button and camera button quickly. Edge on the standard headphone jack 3.5 mm, the bottom is the charging port – microUSB.

Another noteworthy point is the HTC Desire Eye equipped to 3 microseconds, including 1 microphone located at the bottom edge machine dialogue, and then close the front camera has 1 more microphones to support video with sound quality, The maximum noise reduction noise. Design of Desire Eye beautiful and luxury, feels comfortable in hand, the soft rounded edges.

HTC Desire Eye’s Configuration and Hardware

Eye Desire hardware crisis with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor speed 2.3 GHz 801 is similar to the processor of the HTC One M8, 2GB RAM, internal memory of 16 GB machine can simultaneously extended through microSD memory card slot supports a maximum capacity of 128 GB.

Desire Eye size is 151.7 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm, with this slim Eye Desire 0.5 mm thinner than the Sony Xperia super Z3 (9 mm thick), the weight of the device is 154 grams, relatively not too light. Desire Eye with 2400 mAh capacity battery, the battery level can meet the needs of normal use more than one day.

HTC cared very much for your phone with dual cameras crisis-resolution 13-megapixel front and rear at the same time each camera comes a dual LED flash light support, next to a micro receiver audio noise Reduction when shooting videos for the best sound quality. Besides the entertainment features are HTC phones equipped with dual speakers BoomSound high quality, great sound and water resistance.

HTC Desire Eye's Configuration and Hardware
HTC Desire Eye’s Configuration and Hardware

Camera after 13 MP resolution, but the aperture is f / 2.0 and 28 mm focal length, aperture while the camera before the f / 2.2 and 22 mm fixed focal length, this makes the front camera capable of taking pictures selfie wider angle and the ability to capture light better. Tests showed speed camera photographed on a 2-to-tail are very fast and accurate focus.

Eye Desire water resistant IPX7 standards (waterproof at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes), although the phone does not have the rubber ron or cover outside, but still waterproof been designed by HTC ron inside the machine.

Andoird OS version 4.4 KitKat

HTC Desire Eye activities based operating system version 4.4 Andoird KitKat, and integrated interface from HTC Sense 6.0 latest, Eye apparently inherited most trendy features of One M8 only difference most of the material is plastic than aluminum unibody on the M8.

5.2 inches sharp and truthfulness Full HD screen

HTC Desire Eye with touch screen size 5.2 inches, but the screen is quite thin rim, so the device will not be too big.
5.2 inches screen of Desire Eye-resolution full-HD 1080 × 1920 pixels, the pixel density is 423ppi screen uses IPS LCD technology should visibility under sunlight is pretty good, and the true color and perspective is much broader than conventional LCDs.

Some special features of this camera is the duo Capture Split, Crop-me-in, Face Fusion and Control Video Chat feature. Capture Application Split will split the display of Eye make two, while the second uses the front camera follows to combine them into one photo.

Features Crop-me-in will allow cut and paste images from the camera before the image from the camera after shooting, while Face Fusion will perform cutting-transplant two faces (such as Photoshop) to match a plate image combines style “his other grandmother.” Finally, the video chat feature is HTC called Control Video Chat allows tracking up to 4 different faces, very useful when making calls many videos. - Instant Exchanger