The difference between Android users and iPhone users


IPhone users as an old lady, to lemon and success. Android users as the young man, not a success and introverts, according to statistics from the Coffee Meets Bagel. Here are the difference between Android users and iPhone users

The difference between Android users and iPhone users
The difference between Android users and iPhone users

The difference between Android users and iPhone users

IPhone users more active than Android users

In a study recently published in Forbes, iOS users in general and the iPhone in particular dynamic Internet users Android 7 times. In terms of market share, Android accounted for 85% and only 11.9% iOS, but overall Internet traffic from two peer platform. If split% MB Internet per capita, an iOS users (including iPhone) visited 7 times Android. The “dynamic” This is expected to help iPhone users to easily search for relationships and more opportunities in life.

IPhone users pay more Android users

Thanks to the Internet more accessible, iPhone users become lucrative customers with e-commerce. Statistics from the e-commerce site and from the app store showed, iPhone users spend money to buy gadgets, music, books … more users than Android. This is also the reason why iOS developers are always preferred over Android software, even though the operating system from Google has a higher number of users several times.

Android users prefer parameters, or iPhone users ‘latitude crazy’

An undeniable fact is that most of the anti-iPhone majority who are using Android. A part of that cult of the configuration parameters, such as RAM, processor and very active debate on the technology forum. They really are people who have knowledge and understanding of cell phones, but only a few of which enhance the experience, which is the personal feeling when holding a device in hand, rather because just look at the parameters advertised.

Meanwhile, iOS users less debate than hardware, by far the iPhone hardware parameters are, in theory, a far cry from the rival Android. It lies in their devotion to the iPhone ecosystem, software and aesthetics of the product. But not many people get sick “crazy” with outrageous expressions like crazy by the updates, honoring Steve Jobs as a supreme and rarely keep an eye on the high-end products from Android.

The difference between Android users and iPhone users in life

Differences in life

An anonymous statistics from Coffee Meets Bagel reference: iPhone users as a lady to lemon and success, Android users as young man, not much success and introverted. IPhone users have ownership rate higher university degree compared with 37% of Android users. 80% of Android users just graduated from high school.

The number of “ladies” 35-year-old on the iPhone than Android, while the “young” Android users more than 12% compared to the iPhone. In terms of income, many iPhone users have higher income and spending fun. Users Android is the opposite. Thus, iPhone users also have the ability to travel more places than Android users.