Review Egretia ICO: What is Egretia? Should we invest in Egretia ICO project?


What is Egretia? Should we invest in Egretia ICO? This is the question of many people in this April, along with other famous ICO projects such as CyberMiles, Merculet… In this article, we are discussing about Egretia ICO project

Review Egretia ICO: What is Egretia? Should we invest in Egretia ICO project?
Review Egretia ICO: What is Egretia? Should we invest in Egretia ICO project?

Review of the ICO Egretia Project – The first blockchain platform for HTML5 in the world

What is Egretia? Some basic information about Egretia 

HTML5 is a structured language and content presentation for the World Wide Web, originally proposed by Opera Software and developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), starting in 2004.

In 2008, Firefox became the first browser to support HTML5. In 2010, YouTube released a beta version on the HTML5 platform, with other big companies like witter, Pandora, Flickr, and LinkedIn making the same decision. But big companies soon realize that building HTML5 applications is too difficult, even Mark Zuckerberg has admitted investing in HTML5 is Facebook’s biggest mistake. After years of neglect, the HTML5 gaming market has re-emerged as Instant Game features in messenger, wechat, line, and Kik messenger applications are integrated with nearly 4 billion users. By the end of 2017,

  • The lack of a global payment platform causes the payment process to incur unnecessary risks from the credit card.
  • There is no good solution for storing user’s virtual assets,
  • Users do not have real ownership of digital assets when these assets are stored on the company’s server.
  • There are no suitable solutions to “monetize” the flow of traffic from the game logically.
  • There is no reasonable mechanism to protect the copyrights of HTML5 products.
  • Lack of incentive for game developers to develop high quality products.
What is Egretia? Some basic information about Egretia 
What is Egretia? Some basic information about Egretia

Egretia was born to solve the above problems by developing the first Game Engine  on Blockchain technology . Egretia’s new technology allows more than 200,000 programmers and more than 1 billion devices connected in a blockchain platform.

What is Egretia’s solution?

Egretia will include the following main components:

  • Digital Asset Exchange Platform: Provides a platform that allows players to build games on Egretia that can exchange digital assets.
  • Advertising Platform : Build ad management systems on blockchain-based games, smart contracts, and electronic payments.
  • Gaming Platform:  Players can play games on this platform, the platform uses a proof-of-game (PPG) mechanism for electronic rewards for players as well as sharing with friends.
  • Egretia Nursery : The nursery will support teams to develop games based on Egretia, creating a bridge between the player and the development team.
  • Storage platform : By using the blockchain technology allows to store all the data in the game completely dispersed.
  • Game development platform : HTML5 game development software on the first blockchain.
  • Egretia will develop and run on its own blockchain and will allow for future blockchain (such as Ethereum, EOS …).
What is Egretia's solution?
What is Egretia’s solution?

Egretia’s Features:

  • Consensus ProtocolDPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) is like Bitshare, EOS.
  • Speed: On initial testnet, Egretia’s transaction speed is above 2000 TPS (Transaction Per Second) and can be easily upgraded in the future using the DPOS
  • Flexibility:  It is easy to change the number of blocks in Egretia blockchain such as block creation time, block volume, transaction fees through the vote.
  • Effective development toolkit : Supports multiple languages ​​Javascript, typescrip, HTML, CSS, Node.JS, Go, C ++, C #.

Egretia DEV Team and Advisors

The development team consists of 4 main members, who have a lot of experience in the field of game design and development.

Egretia DEV Team and Advisors
Egretia’s Team

Peter Huang, founder of Egretia, used to be the technical manager of the Adobe Flash platform, having more than 18 years of experience in developing apps and games.

Dirk Meyer, co-founder of Egretia, a senior manager of development, has 20 years of project management experience, contributing significantly to Adobe’s business and market development strategies.

Yin Ma, a development team member, has nearly 20 years of experience developing compilers for the operating system, developing Fortran complier for Intel / AMD, working at large companies such as Microsoft, Absoft. , Qualcomm …

Ross Przybylski , Founder of D20Studios, Extreme Production Director at Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest game development companies, has over 15 years of software development experience including 10 years of game development.

Egretia DEV Team and Advisors
Egretia’s Advisors

Advisory team of the Egretia project also has many celebrities, has great influence in the blockchain field, especially Dr. Lucas Lu –  CEO and founder of CyberMiles, Frank Lee –  the creator of the first ASIC excavator for Litecoin.

The Egretia project has also received investment from well-known capital, such as Bit Angel, Viking Capital, UltronFund.

Egretia's InvestorEgretia’s Roadmap

  • Quarter 2/2018: Release of development tools, smart contracts and test chain.
  • Quarter 3/2018: First release of electronic game titles and applications on Egretia blockchain.
  • Quarter 4/2018: Released alpha release of the Egretia Blockchain SDK development kit.
  • Quarter 1/2019: Released e-wallet version for users.
  • Quarter 2/2019: Released platform game development on the blockchain.
  • Quarter 3/2019: Completing the Egretia virtual property transaction platform
  • Quarter 4/2019: Complete the Egretia advertising platform
  • Quarter 1/2020: Support for other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS …
  • Quarter 2/2020: Release the first complete version of Egretia blockchain.
Egretia's Roadmap
Egretia’s Roadmap

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Egretia

  • Development team is clear and has good background. The consultant team is also very good, with the participation of Dr. Lucas Lu (who had lunch with President Trump, making CMT’s price pumping 30% within 15 minutes)
  • The idea of ​​the project is also good, aiming at potential game development market with growth of over 10% a year. The expected revenue of the HTML5 game team will reach 100 billion in the next decade.
  • Egretia is currently a partner of Egret Tech that allows integration and access to the current community of more than 200,000 programmers and major partners such as Microsoft, Xiaomi, Tencent, and 75% of the HTML5 game market. China.
  • Beta test has been already available (More details =>>

More details about Egretia project, please visit:

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