Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two edge curved screen


(Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two edge curved screen) SamMobile confirmed that Galaxy S6 will have special edition includes two edge curved screen. In addition, there are rumors that S6 not use monolithic design expectations of many people.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two edge curved screen
Samsung Galaxy S6 will have two edge curved screen

In 2014, Samsung introduced Galaxy Note Edge with curved screen, a largely experimental because Samsung want to show the world that firm is still capable of innovation in the smartphone market. Since then, many people speculated Korean electronics giant will bring this unique feature on the Galaxy S6. With new report from SamMobile blog that tracks news about Samsung’s upcoming device will have a special edition with two curved screen to the next.

According to SamMobile, curved screen edge on S6 Edge 2 will display information from applications such as Yahoo! Finance, news, sports, measured gait, software and favorite contacts … Also, users can download more from the Samsung app store.

Galaxy S6 Edge has some improvements over Edge Note such as we can activate the main screen next to the left / right depending on user preferred hand or Glance Lighting, lighting, curved edges, or when there is an incoming call notification; fixation for the contact …

In addition information from SamMobile, a Korean website recently citing the “an unnamed Samsung Electronics official ‘ says Galaxy S6 will not use metal unibody design as speculation. Instead, only the back of the machine made from glass to distinguish the line A metal frame, plastic shell.

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