Samsung Galaxy S6 will preinstalled Skype, OneNote and Office


New Samsung’s Smartphone Galaxy S6 upcoming can be preinstalled “hot” applications such as Microsoft Office, Skype or OneDrive and removed some applications that developed by Samsung such as Samsung S Voice, S Note.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will preinstalled Skype, OneNote and Office
Samsung Galaxy S6 will preinstalled Skype, OneNote and Office

Software is “heel-sin” of Samsung. Korean electronics firm always uses the most advanced hardware, but when it comes to software, the Samsung hissing while providing sophisticated user experience, accompanied by abundant features, not optimized and not part attractive look. With Galaxy S6, Samsung is rumored to optimize the software for nearly reached the level of the original Android and aggressive “slow” bloatwared (applications added by the manufacturer into the OS) .

Most recently, blog SamMobile quoted insiders reveal Samsung will remove the application “home grown” on S6 (still can download via the app store) is not clear whether any kind of overlooked. It is likely that S Voice, S Health, S Note, Scrapbook. Interestingly, Galaxy S6 will be built over a number of Microsoft applications, this is the result of new agreement between two companies on copyright issues recently.

Accordingly, the Galaxy S6 will be preloaded Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile (Free Office 365 subscription), Skype. When Windows Phone is the failure of the market share battle, perhaps Microsoft has turned to software and services available to them on one of the “crickets” the best-selling Android will provide an opportunity to convince users to abandon Google to come up with Microsoft’s solutions.

Regarding performance, TouchWiz interface on Galaxy S6 is expected to operate faster than Android Lollipop surprise on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and also apply various effects and motion of Lollipop. Besides, there are some changes in the interface such as the default keyboard will change to Galaxy Tab S and iOS hybrid keyboard; more options; richer colors; t 4×4, 4×5 or 5×5 icon layou…

Overall, Samsung is making sure the necessary steps to change the style and feel of the software to better meet the needs of end users. The rumors will be proven when Samsung introduces new smartphone in Unpacked event take place on March 3rd.

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