Transformer Book Flip the screen swivels 360 °


Laptop Asus Transformer Book Flip touch screen with 360 ° rotation began selling prices from 550 USD. Flip Book Transformer can switch between modes Flexible use as a laptop to tablet mode and many others, depending on the creativity and needs of the user. ASUS Transformer Book Flip sold in the first round of the screen version 15.6 “, many configuration options.

Transformer Book Flip the screen swivels 360 °
Transformer Book Flip the screen swivels 360 °

Considered the 2nd generation of touch screen laptop from ASUS Transformer Book Flip equipped with a touch screen can be rotated 360 ° fold compared with only 135 ° rotation angle VivoBook previous generation laptop touch early. This innovative design allows users to flexibly switch between modes using the laptop to tablet. In addition, depending on the needs and preferences that the user can customize Flip Book Transformer used in other modes (such as 270 ° rotation and put the keyboard upside down to share with friends, place the stand as tents for use as digital photo frames, …) bring excitement and new experiences. Keyboard & mouse table will be locked automatically when the mode switch is not used laptop.

ASUS Transformer Book Flip equipped with metal casing so guys just piece for durability and elegant look. Solid landing is to make sense of sophistication and enhanced thermal capacity to help cool the machines are operated. Swivel hinge flexibility and solidity of the Transformer Book Flip feels stable, certainly during use even when the rotation several times – one of the important factors for product design screen rotation.

Version screen size 15.6 “configuration with Intel Core i3 spread from Intel Core i7 to Haswell, integrated video card or graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 840, the storage capacity from 500GB – 1TB hard drive with options hybrid SSD. Machines for Windows 8.1 operating system and Li-Polymer battery for durability with a single charge 3 times compared with conventional Li-ion battery.