Review 5 best ASUS laptops


We’ve always been fans of ASUS, but lately we’ve been particularly impressed with the company’s risky-but-innovative designs. The company has firmly embraced the 2-in-1 laptop category with zingers like the ASUS Transformer Book Chi line. And just because a laptop is inexpensive, as with the ASUS K200MA, doesn’t mean it has to be boring to look at. We look forward to seeing what else this company throws at us this year. 

Review 5 best ASUS laptops
Review 5 best ASUS laptops

The ASUS Transformer Book T200 comes in a sleek, compact design that contains a wildly comfy keyboard and touchpad. The detachable tablet option makes this a multiuse, and incredibly portable device. The handy smart drive bay, which lets you expand the storage space, makes it a workhorse as well. We also appreciate the bundled ASUS photo and video editing apps. 

Nvidia Maxwell graphics and searing-fast SSDs power this sexy gaming laptop. The ASUS G751JY features an eye-catching design with a comfortable, gamer-friendly keyboard. But the bleeding-edge graphics, as well as blistering boot and transfer times, make this a definite candidate for any serious fragger. 

The 4K touch-screen display on the ASUS ZenBook NX500 is simply stunning. The top-of-the-line design doesn’t hurt, either, on this 15-inch laptop. But it’s the solid overall SSD performance and strong Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M graphics that really pushed this one over the edge to be named among our Editors’ Choice winners. 

Asus knows how to make a good laptop for less. Just don’t call it cheap. The originator of the netbook trend has created an 11-inch laptop with a quad-core Intel Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage that is more than enough to handle your everyday computing needs. The $199 X205TA is backed up by a 1TB of cloud storage for one year, courtesy of Microsoft’s OneDrive, along with a year subscription to Office 365. Its battery also lasts over 12 hours on a single charge, which is probably enough to make even your smartphone jealous.ASUS Transformer Book Chi T300 (New & Notable)

ASUS Transformer Book Chi T300 (New & Notable)


We got our hands on the new ASUS Transformer Book Chi T300 at CES 2015, and we were more than a little impressed. This 12.5-inch machine is simply more practical and more comfortable than the Microsoft Surface Pro. When available, this machine will come in a 2560 x 1440 WQHD display for $799 or a 1920 x 1080 version for $699. We’re looking forward to testing the Intel Core M CPU under the hood to see how it affects performance and battery life. - Instant Exchanger