4GHz CPU Battle: Ryzen 3900X vs. 3700X vs. Core i9-9900Ok


Expanding upon all of the checking out we carried out in our day-one Third-gen Ryzen protection, as of late we will be working a clock-for-clock comparability benchmark. IPC stands for “instructions per cycle” and it may be a excellent indicator of a processor’s structure potency. Traditionally Intel Coffee Lake CPUs have introduced prime IPC coupled with a prime working frequency and that’s the most efficient aggregate for optimum efficiency. Although AMD continues to be trailing in terms of frequency, they seem to have closed in and in all probability exceeded Intel’s IPC efficiency with this final replace.

To see how a lot headway AMD’s made right here, we’re going to neutralize as many variables as we will be able to, whilst additionally retaining issues as practical as imaginable.

The first and most evident step is to take away core frequency from the equation and to try this we’ve locked all CPU cores at 4 GHz. Any form of spice up generation has been disabled, that means the cores can not cross previous 4 GHz and all cores are clocked at 4 GHz. Then for the Ryzen 9 3900X we’ve disabled two cores in each and every chiplet, taking it from an 12-core section all the way down to an 8-core section. All CPUs examined may have 8 cores lively, however the place the 3700X has all of them in one die, the 3900X spreads the cores throughout two dies (two 4-core chiplets).

The Third-gen Ryzen CPUs had been examined at the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreme the use of the AGESA 1.zero.zero.3AB BIOS revision, 1st and Second-gen Ryzen had been examined at the Asus ROG Crosshair 7 Hero, and the Coffee Lake CPUs at the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra. All configurations used the similar G.Skill FlareX DDR4-3200 reminiscence the use of the xtreme reminiscence profile and the similar MSI GTX 2080 Ti graphics card.

A small disclaimer we adore so as to add for this type of article: we are checking out purely for the science of it and this isn’t purchasing recommendation. The Coffee Lake CPUs indubitably have a clock velocity merit out of the field, however that doesn’t essentially cause them to your best option. For real-world efficiency please seek advice from our fresh Ryzen 9 3900X, 3700X and R5 3600 evaluations.

Application Benchmarks

We already know Ryzen has a tendency to dominate in workstation duties even with a clock velocity downside, however there may be extra to be told about those numbers. In Cinebench R20’s multi-core rating the 3900X and 3700X supplied more or less the similar efficiency, making them round 14% sooner than the 9900Ok when matched clock-for-clock. Moreover, they have been 18% sooner than the previous-gen 2700X. That’s a vital growth in IPC efficiency.

Testing unmarried core efficiency sees a 13% efficiency uplift for Third-gen Ryzen portions over the 2700X. They have been additionally 9% sooner than the 9900Ok, so beautiful excellent stuff from those new processors.

The twin chiplet design of the 3900X stepped forward efficiency within the V-Ray benchmark through 2% over the 3700X, no longer a considerable distinction nevertheless it was once persistently sooner on this check. This intended when matched on the similar clock velocity, the 3900X was once 6% sooner than Intel’s i9-9900Ok and 13% sooner than the 2700X.

Using the Corona benchmark, this time the 3900X was once 3% sooner than the 3700X. The 3900X was once additionally 5% sooner than the 9900Ok and 16% sooner than the 2700X. Now let’s see how issues glance in a couple of video games.

Gaming Benchmarks

The first sport we’re testing is Battlefield V. Despite a hefty relief in clock velocity, the Core i9-9900Ok nonetheless manages to take the highest spot. The 1% low efficiency was once very spectacular and right here the 9900Ok was once 9% sooner than Third-gen Ryzen processors.

When having a look on the reasonable body price we see that the 3700X was once 8% sooner than the 2700X, whilst the 3900X was once 13% sooner. This signifies that even if matched on the similar clock velocity with the similar selection of cores, the 3900X continues to be 5% sooner than the 3700X, very attention-grabbing.

The 9900Ok additionally takes the primary position in Far Cry New Dawn, beating the 3900X through a 5% margin for the typical body price, and 10% for the 1% low end result. This is whilst working at a frequency less than out of the field.

That’s to not say AMD hasn’t taken a noteworthy bounce: the 3900X was once a complete 20% sooner than the 2700X, whilst the 3700X introduced a 16% efficiency growth.

Even at 1080p with an RTX 2080 Ti, Total War: Three Kingdoms is most commonly GPU sure. We can nonetheless see some growth to the 1% low effects and once more Intel comes out on most sensible.

World War Z has won an replace that dramatically improves efficiency. This replace sees Ryzen processors carry out much better and now the 3900X is in a position to more or less fit the 9900Ok in our IPC check.

The twin chiplet 3900X was once once more slightly sooner than the only chiplet 3700X, providing a 4% bump for the typical body price. The 3900X was once 14% sooner than the 2700X, whilst the 3700X was once 9% sooner.

Another sport we determined to take a look at was once World of Tanks. This name was once lately redesigned to take higher good thing about multi-core CPUs. When matched on the similar clock velocity the 3900X supplied marginally higher 1% low efficiency than the 9900Ok, whilst reasonable body charges have been about the similar.

The 3900X was once sooner than the 3700X through 4% and a complete 13% sooner than the 2700X.

The final sport we are having a look at is Rainbow Six Siege. Even although this name is most commonly GPU sure, we see the 9900Ok acting a excellent bit sooner when having a look on the reasonable body price. 1% low efficiency was once nearer around the board.

Memory and More

Something we came upon when first checking out the Ryzen 7 3700X was once the a lot lower-than-expected write reminiscence bandwidth. After discussing this with AMD, they defined they made a compromise right here as shopper workloads do little or no writing. Rather than the use of this house to enhance one thing that isn’t wanted, they invested the silicon genuine property in additional recommended tactics to reach efficiency good points.

The finish end result being that the Core Complex Die to IO Die hyperlink for studying reminiscence is 32 bytes extensive, nevertheless it’s handiest 16 bytes extensive for writing, and for this reason the height write bandwidth is successfully minimize in part. However, for the reason that 3900X has two CCDs it options two 16 bytes extensive lanes for writing and this brings the height bandwidth again as much as round 50 GB/s.

Moving directly to cache bandwidth we see the 3700X and 3900X are nearly equivalent and each be offering really extensive good points for L1, L2 and L3 bandwidth over the Second-gen 2700X. L3 cache bandwidth has been higher anyplace from round 40 to 50% with Third-gen Ryzen.

We additionally see a 30% growth in L2 bandwidth and a virtually 100% building up in L1 bandwidth. That’s an improbable efficiency uplift and it is going a ways in explaining why we noticed 100% efficiency good points in programs reminiscent of WinRAR.

As for reminiscence latency, no longer a lot has modified. If the rest we’ve noticed an building up in reminiscence latency from Second-gen Ryzen and we see this when having a look at DRAM and L3 cache latency. The DRAM latency is 50% upper than that of the Core i9-9900Ok and this will likely be partially accountable for the variation in gaming efficiency simply noticed.

Another explanation why for the rather decrease gaming efficiency is core latency. When in comparison to Second-gen Ryzen, the more moderen structure is an enormous growth. For the most efficient matched cores we’re seeing a 30% relief in latency and a minimum of a 26% relief for the worst matched cores. This way easiest case the core to core latency is in fact diminished through 35% for the Third-gen Ryzen processor when in comparison to Intel’s Coffee Lake structure. Problem is, worst case latency is 54% upper, and this isn’t excellent, particularly when enjoying latency-sensitive video games.

Wrap Up: Generational Upgrades

AMD has taken a large step ahead with Third-gen Ryzen. We knew that from the instant we first examined the 3700X and 3900X and we have been anticipating excellent issues after AMD claimed a 15% uptick in IPC efficiency at Computex previous to release.

Our take is that they weren’t exaggerating: with cores and clock speeds at parity the 3900X supplied an 18% growth over the 2700X in Cinebench’s multi-core check and 13% for the single-core check. We additionally noticed a 13% growth in V-Ray and 16% in Corona.

You can’t in reality use video games for measuring IPC good points however they’re nonetheless attention-grabbing to have a look at for clock-for-clock comparisons. One obtrusive factor with video games is they’re no longer at all times CPU sure and even if they’re, the stage to which they’re CPU sure can range. For instance, we noticed minor efficiency good points in Rainbow Six Siege and Total War: Three Kingdoms, however in those two titles we have been closely GPU sure. The 3900X was once ~13-14% sooner than the 2700X when checking out with World of Tanks, World War Z and Battlefield V and an much more important 20% efficiency growth in Far Cry New Dawn.

Eventually we might glance into including a Skylake-X processor in this type of checking out, although we may look forward to Third-gen Threadripper to reach prior to coming into that comparability.

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