This week in play: tyranny snags a release date, polygonal Lara Croft returns


This week in play: tyranny snags a release date, polygonal Lara Croft returns. Hey civilization fanatics: maybe try this weekend outside will. Know, before CIV VI next Friday. You may get a good idea, some sunlight. The rest of you? Continue reading this follow-up. This week we have a release date for tyranny and overwatch and polygonal Lara Croft excellent Halloween event with the appalling Dr. Junkenstein. Thats gaming news for the October 10-14

This week in play: tyranny snags a release date, polygonal Lara Croft returns
This week in play: tyranny snags a release date, polygonal Lara Croft returns

Petty theft

This weekend steam freebie is smash + grab , a multiplayer Beat-em-up game, and the sleeping dogs latest from developer United Front. I haven’t been out yet it, and yet… well, maybe I’m going this weekend. It’s finally up Tuesday, free of charge.

And who owns a Vive, raw data is also available for free to try out this weekend. I would recommend it – it is one of the better (read: more polished) VR-shooter, although its early access status means there is at the moment still bugs and balance issues are worked out.

The dark side

Every few months EA drops a further extension for Star Wars: the old Republic and I think to myself “…” “If only these a Knights of the old Republic game.” It’s a feeling, I have now for about five years, and this latest trailer for the extension coming Knights of the eternal throne has just held (nice) made it worse:

That dark side

We are in the middle of autumn, well-known games falling left and right, and I there is no more excited than tyranny [19459004bin] – Obsidian “the struggle between good and evil happened and evil won”CRPG in the pillars of eternity engine installed. And it is here less than a month from now. As disclosed Thursday, tyranny starts on November 10.

I am one last we had heard little tea cup

, by Max Fleischer-esque cartoon game platforming on what originally was a fully formed by the boss battles turned Cuphead , which had developers. A company only “add platforming”, and so it comes as little surprise that the game has been delayed in 2017. Let’s all shed tears on this occasion a great cartoon.

Prey to

2 prey as a lady want to play? Now, we renewed his followers as such already knew, but now it wants the Bethesda. Here Morgan Yu is a bit different than the last time,:

Prepare for single player

Respawn must feel really broken up, that Titanfall is a single-player campaign, not because they just don’t stop talking, its inclusion in Titanfall 2. Here is a snapshot of the respawn “single player gameplay vision” go next to the cinematic trailer from a couple weeks ago.


a co-op? In overwatch ? Apparently so. Play Halloween event sprays, this week live, and went along with a bevy of skins, icons, et al. a new game mode is “Halloween terror”, a Dr. Junkenstein actor. Make sure that between now and November 1 play, if you that sweet sweet booty, want. I think th

Tomb Raider 20

The perks, which met a game almost your platform as evidenced rise of the 20 Tomb Raider Anniversary for PS4 “DLC packaged right in the box,” are a year late. But hey, you can buy the new story mission here if you are so inclined. The fact is even more important, it will be “five classic Lara Croft skins,” which in this incredibly absurd screenshot that I can not stop laughing is represented:

Tomb Raider 20th

Almost makes me want a second time through the whole game to play. - Instant Exchanger