How to: Watch the MLB playoffs and world series without cable


Update : with yesterday’s victory, the Cleveland Indians have pushed the Chicago Cubs to the brink of elimination . They will wrap it tonight, or be the young life to play game six? We find this evening the game starts at 20:00 Eastern.

Connect an antenna to the TV tuner and the games on Fox to see. Life outside the selection of TV masts? Enjoy one of the streaming TV services, the FS1 wear: Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. None of these forces you to sign a long term contract so you can cancel after the series is over, if you decide that they provide insufficient value. 

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Major league baseball has placed more obstacles before cord cutter as one of the four professional sports leagues. She made baseball broadcasts exclusive province of cable / satellite networks, also for your teams on the ground. In addition, draconian blackout watching policies and views of the grand old game that the League without an expensive TV subscription as Clayton Kershaw slider seems so reachable.

It’s not much easier come October. The year’s postseason games will be nationally five network cross-air: Fox, Fox Sports 1 (FS1), ESPN, TBS and major league baseball network (MLBN); all but the first are cable / satellite channels, that you can coordinate with a TV antenna not. Fortunately you can view card round series with a combination of options for terrestrial and over-the-top, yet virtually every team-mates from the wild in the world. Here is how.

All channels air games carry postseason, Fox is the only one available via the mobile network. The good news is that Fox is the exclusive channel of the world series, so you need only an antenna to watch, the American League and National League battle of the Commissioner’s Trophy Champs. You will also be able to see some NLCS games, shared with Fox, FS1 and MLBN.

Winegard FlatWave

Jason Cipriani of the world series on Fox with only an antenna, see if your TV tuner (some newer models of Vizio does not).

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Bad for cord cutters is that you not able to see anything without login to one of the following options.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the single best choice for watching the postseason without a cable subscription. In fact you can access, a significant amount of games for what you would pay for a few beers at the stadium. (Here is a guide to the entire channel listing of the lifting strap.)

You already have an antenna that can pull in a Fox partner, you can add ESPN and TBS Sling orange – the sling basic package – for $20 per month to subscribe to your channel listing. Get that the AL wild-card game, which airs you on ESPN and all the ALDS and ALCS, performed exclusively by TBS.


a sling TV subscription is the best choice for streaming almost every game of the baseball season.

Yet not for all NLCS cover games that air on FS1, but SlingTV before recently FS1 (and Fox foreign companies in selected markets), its offerings. To get it, just upgrade to the blue Sling package for $5 per month. If you have cable, this is your best option, since it’s you the entire MLB playoffs in any case the first pitch to the last, minus a handful of games will bring out, the air in the cable MLB network.

You’re reluctant to your budget just for the privilege of watching postseason baseball a streaming add subscription, keep in mind that with a sling TV package get access to many other popular cable TV, including CNN, HGTV, and Comedy Central. There is no contract so you can cancel once finished the world series, although you might find that you do not want. Sling TV offers also a seven day trial, so you can watch essentially first week playing season without a penny.

PlayStation Vue

If a PlayStation console, a Roku device or an Amazon fire TV products have, have an additional option for streaming postseason games: PlayStation Vue. This streaming TV service offers many of the same channels as Sling-TV. Read our complete guide to the PlayStation Vue.

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue offers packages similar to sling TV channel but at a slightly higher price.

PlayStation Vue base package access get TBS, ESPN, Fox, and FS1 for $40 per month. $15 more than the comparable Sling TV package, but it includes more than 60 channels to the sling blue 40 plus. On the other hand, Sling enables TV stream on more devices, including Apple TV, Xbox one, Windows and MacOS.

A MLB. TV subscribers already streaming access to games postseason – type. Although major league baseball subscription service live streams of all regular season delivers out-of-market game, to prevent, that the League blackout policy’s live-streaming-the playoffs and the world series anywhere in the United States or Canada. Instead, archived streams of postseason games for subscribers in the darkened areas are about 90 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

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MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. TV subscribers can post season games on demand, but only 90 minutes after the games-stream.

Have to keep the spirit to a self-imposed media blackout (No spoilers!), it’s not the worst way to see the October action, without this on the cost of an additional streaming subscription. Even if you not currently subscriber, it could be worth as the registration is the most affordable way to start the playoffs: now, MLB offers subscriptions for $3.99 for the rest of the year.


Update: Postseason.TV is available this year for $4.99, but only for the American League play-off series. Although MLB has still not said whether Postseason.TV offer it this year , this another option for cord-cutter, to catch the October action in the past. In contrast to MLB. TV, this season offered only service live game without blackout restrictions fed. But it has offered only some of the games – last year’s was only the NL playoff games – and not the TV show of RSS feeds, but rather alternate angle feeds similar to what TNT overtime for the NBA playoffs offers. The service offered 8-10 different angles without sender comment, in-game interviews and other improvements. Subscribers can choose to see at one time up to four games in a mosaic mode.

A substitute for TV shows never really was Postseason.TV, but it was $5 – cheap – usually about so if more important costs as content, it’s worth an eye for it.

Major League Baseball dough above

Still stingy with live streaming. But hopefully as the NFL and NBA expand their online viewing options, the League will reconsider its policy in the coming seasons. Until then can you use this cable alternatives, and together with our guide to the second screen, you create your own diamond club baseball apps, to baseball of the 10 best of the fall classic’s see teams to carry out.