The Most Promised ICO in Q3 2018 – Overview of Eloncity project: Power the World for FREE


Energy is the origin of the lifes, what do you think if we can apply Blockchain technology to manage and distribute the powers of our world ?! The Eloncity ICO project was born for this reason.

The Most Promised ICO in Q3 2018 - Overview of Eloncity project: Power the World for FREE
Eloncity – Power the World for FREE

The Most Promised ICO in Q3 2018 – Overview of Eloncity project: Power the World for FREE

Eloncity is a new project, the basic information about the project has just been launched by Krypital Group (a marketing firm for Crypto/Blockchain projects – has introduced many successful projects including  CyberMiles, ArcBlock, Merculet, Egretia )

In this article, I would like to share some basic information about Eloncity project as well as my personal reviews. Please note that this is a reference only, not to encourage you to invest in the project. Please read carefully before investing any ICO!

This articles includes 5 main parts:

1) Overview of the project

2) Eloncity ideas and solutions

3) Team – The development team of the project

4) Roadmap – Development plan

5) ICO, token sales – Eloncity tokens sale information

1) Overview of the Eloncity project

If you have ever participated in the ICO previously introduced by the Krypital Group, you will probably be very confident because, say, all four projects are successful.

Overview of the Eloncity project

As you can imagine, when we learn, analyze, evaluate an ICO, we need to spend a lot of time and effort to understand all the information related to the project from which to identify. That project is good enough, is it worth it to pour money into it. The strength of a person like us is very limited.

In Krypital Group, they have dedicated teams to evaluate the best ICO projects, as well as groups dedicated to image and marketing, to ensure that projects are successful (a project). Success should not only need good content (nature, ideas, solutions, development team) but also must be beautiful (marketing, good community building)

To me, the first look at ICON Eloncity is full of sympathy:

– Recommended by Krypital Group

– Unique ideas: applications in energy resource management, clean energy, renewable energy

– The project is very serious, the website (new but very professional, beautiful, clear information).

Eloncity ideas and solutions
Eloncity ideas and solutions

2) Eloncity ideas and solutions

The basic idea of Eloncity is Decentralization power system today to millions of grid microgrid capable of supplying power to your self. Electricity will be produced and will be provided locally 24/7, and will directly compete with existing power supply units. Electricity prices will be more transparent. Anyone can use Eloncity technology to produce electricity for free . And so, we can power the whole world using clean energy.

This is not new to the world energy industry, but the important difference is that Eloncity uses Blockchain technology to solve the problems of the current system with two outstanding advantages: Transparency of information.

Eloncity will address four major issues related to electrical power:

  • Environmental and public health issues (pollution caused by the production and distribution of electricity)
  • Safety and reliability of the system
  • Adaptability and system resiliency

The issue of electricity costs and its transparency

In an interview, Founder Andy Li once said that he and Jack Ma were close friends, “Jack Ma once said he would invest in any project I made (Andy Li), but I’m not sure whether Jack Ma has invested in my blockchain project because Ma always bans all Alibaba employees from participating in any ICO project and I will not force Jack to invest in my project if Jack does not want to. “

3) Team – Founder, DEV team & Advisors

Team - Founder, development team & project team
Team – Founder, development team & project team

The main members of the Eloncity project include:

Andy Li, founder of Eloncity and POMCube, served as chief technology officer for ChinaCache and a computer researcher at Alibaba Cloud. During his 12 years of experience working for Cisco in the United States, Andy developed an in-depth knowledge of traffic engineering and has since conducted extensive research into intelligent network access.

In 2014, Andy founded POMCube, a company focused on developing highly efficient energy storage systems controlled by cloud computing. Then in 2018, Andy’s founding Eloncity was devoted to recreating billions of dollars of global electricity markets using blockchain technology. The resulting products have been put to practical use in the industry.

On May 4, 1818, Andy Li was invited by the 3 O’Clock Entrepreneurship Discussion Group to be a speaker and panelist on “Global Power Restructuring by Blockchain.” Discussing the importance of using renewable energy, renewables can help tackle global warming and resolve energy conflicts.

Michael Nguyen, VP of program management: Over 30 years of experience working in a wide range of fields, from non-profit organizations, research and development of IT applications in the global plant operation.

Justin Wang  – Product Manager
Gregory Liu  – Marketing Director, Americas

Dunping Yao   – Hardware Engineering Manager

Peng Xu – Software Engineering Manager

Haichuan Jiang – System Verification Manager

Allen Ding – Project Manager

Eloncity Advisory Board

Eloncity Advisory Board
Eloncity Advisory Board

Team Advisor for Eloncity is quite “awesome”. You can see the presence of Robert Mao (CEO & Founder of Arcblock) or Bryan Allen (Software Engineer of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Task Force.) He started working at NASA from In 1987, he is now working with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

4) Roadmap – Eloncity Development plan

According to information shared on the official website of Eloncity (), the development plan of the project (2014-2022) is quite clear and relatively detailed. You can refer to the image below or visit the official website of Eloncity.

Roadmap - Eloncity Development plan
Roadmap – Eloncity Development plan

5) ICO, token sales – Eloncity tokens sale information

– ICO is expected to open in Q3, 2018

– Public sales will be sold through partners Tokeneed :

Same as Merculet and Egretia. You only need to register your account at Tokeneed and verify KYC account once to participate in all the projects that are open for sale (no need to register and then re-KYC multiple times for each ICO project).

Tokeneed also has a very attractive policy: Register via your friends’ referral link will receive a 2% bonus when joining any ICO (if registered directly from the homepage will not receive this bonus)

>> Create an account  at Tokeneed to receive 2% bonus for all projects HERE .

– Detailed information on token sales (quantity, price, tokens distribution, fund allocation for the project …) is being updated.

For more information on the Eloncity project visit:

– Official Website:

– Krypital Bounty Group:

– Eloncity Group:

– Krypital News:


– Facebook:



Good luck!