Transfer Steam Games to an SSD with out Redownloading


Although cast state drives have continuously greater in capability, so too have the scale of recreation installs. Today’s triple-A titles repeatedly occupy upwards of 20GB with many drawing near or exceeding 60GB, particularly after accounting for downloadable content material.

Ironically, it is incessantly those huge releases that get advantages probably the most from the enhanced load occasions of a flash pressure, which may be stuffed sooner than you’ll be expecting if it is at the smaller aspect of SSDs — even a 250GB style could be full of 4 GTA V-sized titles.

Fortunately, Steam lately made it more uncomplicated than ever to transport video games from one location to any other, not requiring you to open a Windows command advised or obtain third-party equipment, regardless that we will define the ones strategies, too, for the reason that they nonetheless paintings.

Backing up your video games…

This is not necessary however is nevertheless a profitable precaution. The maximum handy means is solely copying your Steam or SteamApps folder (which is the place your video games are) to a backup listing by means of Windows Explorer.

However, the Steam shopper additionally supplies an built-in backup and restoration procedure that can can help you choose put in titles and retailer them as backup information. The device splits the sport information into CSM/CSD information which can be sized suitably for becoming on CDs and DVDs, regardless that you’ll be able to additionally create one huge save.

Getting there: Go for your Steam library > Right click on on a recreation > Backup recreation information… > Select the put in video games to backup and observe the activates from there.

To repair those information as put in Steam video games, head to Steam > Backup and repair video games… > Restore a prior backup > level it for your backup information > proceed with the activates.

Moving a unmarried recreation between drives

  • Go to Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders
  • Make a brand new Steam library folder at the new pressure (you’ll be able to proper click on on such a folders to set it as your default set up trail, even though the following time you put in a recreation, Steam will ask the place you wish to have it to move).
  • Move an already put in recreation to the brand new pressure: Right click on at the recreation to your Steam library > Properties > Local Files tab > Move set up folder… > Choose the listing > Move folder

I wish to transfer a recreation back down my SSD

The perfect means could be repeating the closing step above by means of the usage of Steam’s built-in characteristic for transferring set up folders, regardless that this system works too:

  • Using Windows Explorer, transfer the sport folder out of your SSD again to the unique steamappscommon listing or any other library folder that Steam acknowledges.
  • From Steam, proper click on at the recreation to your library and delete its native contents, which should not in fact delete anything else since you simply moved the entire recreation information.
  • Install the sport once more however level the installer to anyplace you moved the information in the first step, which must advised Steam to ensure the information and now not obtain anything else.

Moving your whole Steam set up

  • Close Steam and head for your Steam folder or library by means of Windows (almost certainly C:Program FilesSteam (x86)).
  • Copy and paste your Steam folder to the brand new location (rename the outdated folder and depart it within the authentic listing as a backup — or delete it if desired).
  • You can run Steam.exe from the brand new location or obtain and run the Steam installer and level it for your new location (it will assist blank up shortcuts and many others.).

Using mklink by means of Windows as an alternative (the outdated means)

Around the time SSDs had been starting up (just about a decade in the past!), Steam did not supply a integrated means for transferring video games between drives — this option used to be simplest added in early 2017. Instead, players relied at the Windows command mklink, which hyperlinks one listing to any other in order that when instrument interacts with location A, it is redirected to location B. In different phrases, Steam will suppose the sport is in its authentic listing, however it is going to as an alternative run from the brand new pressure.

This method nonetheless works however is in large part regarded as out of date on account of the options now constructed into Steam:

  • Create the folder the place you need your recreation to be (instance: D:GamesSteam)
  • Head to SteamApps (C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommon) and reduce/paste the sport you need to transport to the brand new pressure (you do not want to depart a duplicate of the sport to your outdated listing)
  • When the record switch finishes, open the Windows command advised and input mklink /d “LINK” “TARGET” — (instance: mklink /d “d:gamessteamsteamappscommonfullmojorampage” “e:gamessteamsteamappscommonfullmojorampage”)

Undoing that hyperlink is so simple as deleting the hyperlink in C:Steamsteamappscommon.

Tip: You must be capable of see the hyperlink you made by means of coming into the dir command.

Something is not proper with my Steam set up!

  • Copy and paste your SteamApps folder to a backup location
  • Uninstall Steam
  • Reinstall Steam and duplicate your SteamApps folder again into the Steam set up listing

If a recreation has grow to be corrupt, you’ll be able to even have Steam mechanically search and change broken information by means of verifying the integrity of your native information:

Right click on at the damaged recreation to your Steam library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of recreation information…

If it is been some time since you will have achieved this, word that it does not totally freeze the Steam shopper anymore so you’ll be able to proceed chatting and many others.

Related equipment for transferring/backing up video games

Download Steam Mover — Before Valve’s shopper may just maintain it, this used to be the go-to application for transferring Steam video games to a brand new pressure. It gives a very easy interface to relocate your video games and create a hyperlink in Windows (just like the handbook mklink method defined above). Version zero.1 of Steam Mover used to be launched in April 2010 and even though it is by no means won an replace, it has accrued masses of hundreds of downloads in that point and it is uncommon to discover a grievance.

Download SteamTool Library Manager — Functionally similar to Steam Mover — each by means of interface design and in method, depending on NTFS junctions to create a hyperlink between the brand new and outdated places (word that this additionally way it simplest works on NTFS walls).

Download Gamesave Manager — GSM can mechanically hit upon the save information for 4,764 video games and makes it simple to backup, repair and switch recreation saves. However, the application additionally supplies different options together with the facility to transport Steam video games (it too makes use of symbolic hyperlinks or NTFS junctions).

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