Top 5 best video call application for Android


If iPhone and iPad users has FaceTime video call integrated apps available, Android users will have to look for their own video call applications. 

Besides voice call, demand of video calls from smartphone to communicate with friends and relatives are also very popular today. Meet demand, many applications on smartphones with video call feature launched. Apple devices has FaceTime app available lets iOS users can take video calls easily and stable. However, if using smartphone or tablet running Android, you’ll have to find yourself another tool to serve this purpose. Below is the list of most popular mobile platform for video call:

Top 5 best video call application for Android

1. Google Hangouts

Google developed for users of its operating system an instant messaging , voice call, video call application called Hangouts. Hangouts already installed on many Android devices, when sold, and with very good quality activities, it became one of the most popular choices for their communication needs of Android users.

Google Hangout Top 5 best video call application for Android
Google Hangouts

Once installed, Hangouts will take contacts from your Google account, as well as from the phone number you save on memory to help you send text messages, perform voice call and video chat (Google called the video chat by its own terms is Hangout).

You can chat with someone or invite other people (maximum 10 people) and its participating in the Hangout. You can also use the camera on the back and the front of the smartphone / tablet to chat. Applications are provided completely free. If you signed up for your Google account, you can use it to log Hangouts to use without having to bother anymore to register a new account.

2. Viber

Viber came as a messaging application that allows users to send text messages, stickers, pictures, voice messages. Viber adds video calling last year (2014). During a video call with Viber, you can send a video clip was filmed before, or make a direct conversation with your video chat around.

Viber Top 5 best video call application for Android


Viber is no separate button for video call function, instead, you make a call as normal then select the video button in the window that appears to video call. One other bad point lies in the design of Viber application, where the same features, but you will see when it is in this position, while the other is located.

3. Skype

Owned by Microsoft, Skype is one of the best video calling application today, available on most major operating systems, including Android. Skype messaging support voice call, video call, totally free. You can also use the camera back and front of the machine to service calls. Skype also allows you to send photos, video, data files without size limits – the very great feature, especially for those who need chatting and document exchange service work.

Skype Top 5 best video call application for Android

4. Imo

Imo is a simple application and is most convenient for the video call, in accordance with the video call who needs more – without the need to send a text message or voice call. Identified as such by the Imo, you just need one touch screen smartphone is already can video chat with the other person, rather than having to take some actions if using Viber or Hangouts … Of course, Imo also provides messaging features, sent stickers, phone call, but as said, the application is designed to optimize the video call needs. Constraint of Imo is it does not allow you to hide or delete contacts, making the use of sometimes uncomfortable encounter.

5. Glide

Glide is not a video chat application in real time as the app is listed above, however, it deserves to be mentioned because of the unique approach. With Glide, you go back a video (maximum length 5 minutes) and then send the necessary video chat. The other person can see and reply immediately, or save the video again and replied when spare time.

Glide can be a solution for people who need to call conversational video, and they need time to think when giving the answer. With this type of call, live chat apps like Viber, Hangouts, and Imo, may result in the user experiencing moments of silence and embarrassment because they are not able to respond immediately to the other party. Additionally, you can also use as an application Glide voicemail (voicemail), leave a message for someone to view and respond to them later. - Instant Exchanger