Radeon Fury X vs. GeForce GTX 980 Ti: Are They Still Worth Buying?


Back of their heyday of mid-2015, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and Radeon R9 Fury X have been extremely fascinating graphics playing cards. Though they have been moderately an identical performance-wise, the GTX 980 Ti used to be the extra beneficial card as it had a slight functionality benefit but ate up much less energy. The Fury X used to be nevertheless a wonder of engineering and can cross down as certainly one of historical past’s most fun and engaging graphics playing cards, even though the gross sales do not replicate that.

As we’ve come to be informed, on the other hand, the pricing can trade briefly within the tech trade and it is all the time the cost that makes or breaks a graphics card. What’s to start with noticed as a foul purchase can briefly change into the brand new must-have and in relation to AMD’s Fury X, its release MSRP of $650 in 2015 used to be a troublesome promote with Nvidia’s Maxwell structure hitting complete stride and providing a competing card on the identical actual value.

Today, the Fury X can also be discovered via main on-line dealers reminiscent of Amazon for $300 to $400, whilst the GTX 980 Ti is not on sale anymore for the reason that it used to be successfully changed through the GTX 1070 again in June 2016.

Sellers reminiscent of Newegg have refurbished inventory however they’re priced above the GTX 1070s — clearly now not price purchasing. That stated, second-hand offers can also be discovered for round $300 and at that value the 980 Ti would possibly begin to change into a profitable funding.

On hand for trying out I simplest have a reference style GTX 980 Ti however that is tremendous for the reason that Fury X completely used AMD’s design and did not come manufacturing facility overclocked. I manually overclocked each graphics playing cards to determine what their complete possible is for gaming lately.

By default, the 980 Ti runs at a base clock of 1GHz with a most spice up clock of one.2GHz and a reminiscence pace of one.75GHz. Overclocked, I used to be ready to push the core to a base clock pace of one.25GHz, leading to a spice up clock of one.48GHz. The reminiscence additionally reached 2GHz for a switch charge of 8Gbps. All instructed, that is a 25% overclock for the core and a 14% spice up for the reminiscence.

I attempted a couple of other tips at the Fury X nevertheless it simplest went as top as 1150MHz for the core and 525MHz for the reminiscence, a 10% core overclock and five% for the reminiscence.

With that, let’s transfer directly to the benchmarks to look the place those previous-generation titans are compatible into lately’s panorama and whether or not they’re price purchasing at their decrease costs.

Benchmarks: Far Cry Primal, Call of Duty, Gears of War four

First up we’ve Far Cry Primal and right here we up to now discovered that the Fury X used to be just right for a mean of 58fps at 1440p the usage of the extremely high quality settings. Overclocked, the Fury X driven the typical framerate to 60fps, an insignificant three% functionality bump even though the typical used to be advanced through two times that determine.

Out of the field, the reference 980 Ti matched the overclocked Fury X with a 60fps reasonable and a 51fps minimal, in order that’s moderately aggressive. It additionally supposed that the GTX 980 Ti used to be simply eight% slower than the GTX 1070 Founders Edition graphics card.

However the 980 Ti has moderately somewhat left within the tank and thru overclocking we’re ready to faucet into that. Our overclock boosted the typical body charge through 17%, taking into account 70fps with a 58fps minimal. This made the reference 980 Ti sooner than the manufacturing facility overclocked Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming graphics card through a 6% margin.

The Fury X wasn’t an excellent deal slower than the GTX 1070 Founders Edition graphics card in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, even though overclocking simplest boosted functionality through three% to return inside a body of the Founders Edition graphics card. Still, when in comparison to the GTX 980 Ti on this name the Fury X is 6% sooner on the inventory running clock speeds.

While possibly now not as rapid as our customized overclock we discovered that it’s imaginable to squeeze some other 17% out of the GTX 980 Ti, taking the typical body charge to 83fps, or eight% sooner than the overclocked Fury X configuration and four% sooner than Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming style.

The Gears of War four effects are surprising — I used to be so shocked that I ran the inventory and overclocked GTX 980 Ti configurations more than one instances. At the inventory clock speeds, the GTX 980 Ti matched the Fury X with an identical functionality making them each fairly slower than the GTX 1070 G1 Gaming.

However, as soon as overclocked, the GTX 980 Ti someway unearths 26% extra functionality on this name boosting the typical body charge to 91fps. That large functionality achieve supposed that the GTX 980 Ti used to be now not simplest now a lot sooner than the Fury X and manufacturing facility overclocked GTX 1070, nevertheless it wasn’t an excellent deal slower than the GTX 1080.