Long-term strategy behind Google released the film “The Interview” on Youtube


Google agreed to release the film The Interview may have been relieved of curiosity, expectations of millions of people around the world. However perspective of the analysis, it is seen as a step in calculating the position of Youtube to raise up a new level. The move was confirmed: Youtube is possible where the release of blockbusters and not merely a place to share videoclips produced as ever conceived

Long-term strategy behind Google released the film "The Interview" on Youtube
Long-term strategy behind Google released the film “The Interview” on Youtube

“The Interview” is a comedy about the assassination of leader Kim Jong-Un. This movie should have raised strong objections from North Korea and this is the cause Sony Pictures hacked. Even hacker vowed to use force if this film was released in theaters. So, Sony has chosen to release the film through the online service. Itunes, Amazon and Netflix have refused to cooperate with cooperation from Sony. Finally, only 3 services agreed to cooperate with Sony as Youtube, Google Play and Microsoft’s Xbox.

Analysts said the new Youtube play this movie really is a impressive job in the entertainment industry. Otessa Marie, founder and director of new products at 20/20 Productions said: “YouTube will become a huge movie theater in the future.” Until now, YouTube is the essential tool for artists and operated free access to search spectators hoping to become a star. Some users also use YouTube to upload the video to produce in order to attract viewers, the track and get a certain amount of income.

Although YouTube has provided a model for movie rentals over 3 years, but it has yet to become a big screen, a berth to the trusted publishers looking to film. Jeffrey McCall, professor of media studies at DePauw University, said: “In general, Youtube is a place of self-produced videos, good, bad and mixed with all the video clips” a beat. “Even media, many people still do not know Youtube platform allows them to directly release the film. partly because no big names appeared on Youtube, but the biggest problem is still thinking that Youtube is where you post a video self. “

Ghadar adds that: “The model on Youtube is” equal opportunity “. This means that no matter who you are, no one individual or a company name professionally, you just access the network, install Youtube channel is set 1 was able to publish their works and distribute to the viewer. Every month, more than 1 billion people around the world spend more than 6 billion hours to watch video on Youtube. According to data from comScore, as of last November, 84% of viewers watch video on Youtube in the US, 71% higher than the number of people watching videos through Facebook. “

In addition to these strengths, Youtube is facing the biggest challenge: The big movie producers do not want their products to be mixed with the video “shocking” are available on this website. However, the outcome is likely to turn after Youtube successful cooperation with Sony to release “The Interview”. This will cause many filmmakers consider Youtube as a potential partner, create a new film distribution channels in parallel with the traditional release.

Currently, users have to spend $ 5.99 to rent “The Interview” (or US $ 14.99 if you want to buy) promises a range of revenue is not small. When choosing a movie on Youtube, users only need to enter credit card information and make payments through Google Wallet service. All operations can be done quite easily. Analysts said that, after the action “for the first time to pay for a movie on Youtube,” very likely the customer will come back and more transactions.

Robert Thompson, professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, said: “There are millions and millions of people are using Youtube every day just to see the video at random. But once they enter credit card information on account for the transaction first, who will become potential customers. Once released additional 1 Youtube movies, customers will return to buy the movie. “

This is advantageous for both rental service, sale and movie subscription services on Youtube launched in 2013. Accordingly, the user monthly fee to watch TV programs or content such as training guide Exercise, drawing classes, … also, Youtube is also considering providing a service that allows users to pay fees to disable ads while watching videos. According to analysts, Youtube is facing opportunities to diversify products and increase profits through service fee this site which has been long cherished. And if Youtube actually succeed with this bet, maybe it would be extremely grateful for the film “Dangerous,” “The Interview”.

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