How a lot quicker is a contemporary workstation for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017?


Editor’s Note:
Matt Bach is the pinnacle of Puget Labs and has been a part of Puget Systems, a boutique builder of gaming and workstation PCs, because the early days. This article used to be initially printed at the Puget weblog.

There is for sure trendy workstation might be quicker than one this is greater than a yr or two previous, however the development of pc generation has for sure slowed in recent times. 10 years in the past, it used to be now not unusual to look huge efficiency positive aspects era to era, however lately we continuously see a lot smaller 10-15% efficiency positive aspects every time a brand new product is introduced. Some spaces (akin to garage) are nonetheless appearing huge uncooked efficiency positive aspects, however while you benchmark the brand new merchandise in a real-world situation even those don’t seem to be fairly as spectacular as what we used to look.

These 10-15% positive aspects according to era don’t seem to be one thing most of the people gets serious about and make it tough to decide how a lot of a efficiency achieve you may see in the event you have been to switch your 2, three, four, or five yr previous workstation with a brand new one. To take a look at to respond to this query as objectively as we will, we made up our minds to immediately examine 5 workstations the use of the very best finish parts during the last 6 years.

Test Setup

To benchmark the efficiency distinction between other generations of workstations, we examined Photoshop with the next configurations:

Available ~January 2017

  • Intel Core i7 7700Okay (four Core four.2GHz)
  • 4x 16GB DDR4-2400 (64GB Total)
  • Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) 12GB
  • Samsung 960 Pro 1TB NVMe SSD
Available ~August 2015

  • Intel Core i7 6700Okay (four Core four.0GHz)
  • 4x 16GB DDR4-2133 (64GB Total)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X 12GB
  • Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SATA SSD
Available ~June 2013

  • Intel Core i7 4770Okay (four Core three.5GHz)
  • 4x 8GB DDR3-1600 (32GB Total)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan 6GB
  • Intel 335 240GB SATA SSD
Available ~April 2012

  • Intel Core i5 3570Okay (four Core three.4GHz)
  • 4x 8GB DDR3-1600 (32GB Total)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 1.5GB
  • Intel 335 240GB SATA SSD
Available ~January 2011

  • Intel Core i7 2600Okay (four Core three.4GHz)
  • 4x 8GB DDR3-1333 (32GB Total)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 1.5GB
  • Intel X25-M Gen 2 160GB SATA SSD

These configurations have been designed first across the more than a few Intel CPU generations (the use of the quickest CPU to be had at release), adopted by way of the quickest GPU that used to be to be had at the moment. After that, we merely used the very best capability of RAM supported by way of the platform in conjunction with the SSD fashion we maximum usually offered at the moment on Puget machines. On the instrument aspect, we will be able to be the use of Windows 10 Professional and the most recent model of Photoshop 2017 on each and every gadget to be sure that any efficiency variations we see are strictly degree somewhat than being influenced by way of other instrument variations.

Unfortunately, since we do not all the time stay previous round as soon as it’s out of date, we needed to dig via our warehouse, closets or even house PCs to place in combination those programs. This implies that some configurations are relatively off from what they preferably must be (akin to the use of a GTX 580 as an alternative of a GTX 680 and just a i5 3570Okay for the April 2012 configuration) however regardless of those small discrepancies our trying out must relatively as it should be display how a contemporary workstation compares to 1 this is 2, four, five, and six years previous.

Photoshop Action

To get started our trying out, we checked out over 20 other movements together with each normal activity like opening and saving recordsdata in addition to a number of filters (blurs, sharpen, lens correction, liquify, and so forth.) and a couple of different miscellaneous movements. Because of the excessive selection of other assessments, we’re going to take a look at the consequences as an general moderate throughout the entire examined movements.

Looking on the moderate from the 20+ movements we examined, we get a beautiful just right concept of ways a lot quicker a contemporary workstation is for normal Photoshop utilization. If you return only one era, a gadget from the center of 2015 is best going to be about 10% slower than a brand new gadget which isn’t extraordinarily thrilling. However, a workstation from 2013 goes to be round 25% slower than a contemporary workstation which means that that if it takes you 10 seconds to open a Photoshop document or observe an impact on a 2013 workstation it must best take round 7.five seconds on a contemporary workstation. This is not the rest dramatic, however it’s going to for sure upload up in no time right through a workday.

If you return even additional to a workstation from 2011, that gadget must be just a little greater than part the efficiency of a contemporary workstation. Again, if it takes you 10 seconds to finish an motion in Photoshop on a workstation from 2011, a contemporary gadget must be capable to entire that during about 6 seconds. This is a large distinction in efficiency!

Photomerge Results

To see how neatly a contemporary workstation plays when making a landscape the use of photomerge, we examined with a suite of each 18MP and 80MP pictures:

Going again only one CPU era to 2015, there’s best a couple of 10% distinction between a gadget from that point and a contemporary 2017 workstation. However, in the event you return to 2013, a workstation from that point is best 64-76% as speedy as a contemporary workstation. If you take a look at the uncooked effects, you’ll see that this implies a photomerge of 6x 80MP pictures that takes 6.five mins on a 2013 workstation takes simply four mins on a brand new 2017 workstation.

Going again even additional, a gadget from 2012 is best about 60% as speedy as a contemporary workstation and one from 2011 is best 43-61% as speedy. Again taking a look on the uncooked effects, the place a contemporary gadget takes simply four mins to do a Photomerge of 80MP pictures, a gadget from 2011 will take a bit of greater than nine mins.

Merge to HDR Results

Just like photomerge, we once more used a suite of each 18MP and 80MP pictures to look precisely how a lot quicker a contemporary workstation is:

Overall, the consequences don’t seem to be that a lot other than the consequences from the former two sections. There is just a small distinction in efficiency going again to 2015, however the distinction will get higher and bigger the additional again you cross. Especially in case you have a workstation from 2013 or older, you’ll be expecting beautiful huge efficiency positive aspects by way of upgrading to a contemporary workstation.


Averaging the consequences from the 3 sections, you’ll get a super concept of ways a lot quicker a contemporary workstation must be on moderate in comparison to ones from earlier years. If you can somewhat suppose in relation to a brand new workstation being X occasions quicker than an older gadget, we even have this knowledge in a relatively other structure that you can desire:

How a lot quicker is a brand new 2017 Photoshop workstation?

  • Compared to January 2011 gadget: 1.eight occasions quicker
  • Compared to April 2012 gadget: 1.five occasions quicker
  • Compared to June 2013 gadget: 1.35 occasions quicker
  • Compared to August 2015 gadget: 1.12 occasions quicker

If you have got a relatively new workstation this is just a few years previous, it most probably is not essential to improve until your workflow calls for the most productive conceivable efficiency. If you have got a gadget from 2013 or older, on the other hand, you might want to be taking a look at some very important efficiency positive aspects. You would possibly now not see a doubling in general efficiency despite the fact that you have got a workstation from 2011 however it’s going to be beautiful shut and must important fortify your productiveness.

Keep in thoughts that we’re taking a look strictly at high-end workstation from each and every period of time. If you have got an off-the-shelf workstation, you can in fact most probably see even higher efficiency positive aspects than we confirmed since the ones workstations generally tend not to be just about this high-end. For instance, again in 2011 a regular workstation most likely used platter garage drives somewhat than an SSD which might make opening and saving recordsdata for much longer than what we noticed in our trying out. In addition, the vast majority of older workstations don’t seem to be going to have just about as tough of a GPU as what we examined with or as a lot RAM.

Overall, we are hoping that this trying out is helping making a decision whether or not you must improve to a brand new workstation or now not. If you discovered it useful and wish us to do extra trying out like this please tell us within the feedback segment. We extremely worth your comments and love listening to your tips!