Half-Life spin-off Hunt Down The Freeman has fanatics outraged


Royal Rudius Entertainment’s Hunt Down The Freeman is a sport set within the Half-Life universe. To be transparent, this isn’t a mod of Half-Life; this can be a sport authorized and constructed at the Source engine. The name retails for $25 on Steam however is these days being presented at a 15 p.c bargain till March 2.

Hunt Down The Freeman (HDTF) introduced on Steam a few week in the past and has already generated 291 damaging critiques out of a complete 351. The sport has raised the ire of Half-Life fanatics to exceptional ranges. Scrolling in the course of the critiques and digging in the course of the boards, it turns into transparent in no time why gamers are mad.

There are two explicit proceedings in opposition to the sport. The first (and arguably maximum critical since this can be a criminal factor) is that Royal Rudius Entertainment has violated a lot of copyrights. Accusations are flying that the builders used property from a number of mods with out permission.

Royal Rudius Entertainment flatly denies the allegations. A spokesperson advised PC Gamer that every one property had been both bought by means of them or they differently had permission to make use of them. In one instance, the spokesperson defined that america soldier fashions had been bought from TurboSquid which permits the usage of its property in industrial initiatives.

Another accuser claims shot-up automobile within the sport is similar to 1 present in S.T.A.L.Okay.E.R. and that it’s “proof” they’d ripped off property.

“It took me three minutes to find the car, and it was in one of L4D2’s DLC files, of which we have permission to use,” mentioned the spokesperson.

Others have accused the builders of stealing textures and fashions from Firearms: Source. Holymac, a consultant of Firearms: Source replied, pronouncing, “Our art team determined that upon a cursory look of the content released with the demo, and assets the HDTF team provided willingly, it appears no theft of intellectual property has taken place.”

There also are claims that property had been stolen from the Black Mesa construction staff. Black Mesa has no longer replied however up to now it seems like Royal Rudius is within the transparent legally. No respectable claims of infringement were showed.

That nonetheless leaves the opposite primary grievance, which boils right down to the sport simply being crappy and incomplete. Specific problems discussed in critiques come with crashing all over load displays, lacking textures, no cutscenes, shedding guns between zones and invisible enemies, simply to call a couple of.

According to Project Director and Creator Berkan Denizyaran, the flawed model of the sport was once uploaded to Steam.

“We kind of failed on the file organization,” Denizyaran mentioned. “The person who was supposed to release the final version, released an older version of the game. And right now we are basically collecting all the files, the final versions of everything, which is … it’s a pretty big game.”

They are these days scrambling to get the correct model of the sport in combination for a re-launch on March 5 however solving the insects and technical problems will not be sufficient to avoid wasting the name.

“It’s not really something that bug fixes or visual improvements alone will change,” mentioned PC Gamer’s Christopher Livingston, who had some hands-on time with the sport. “The quality and consistency varies from one level to the next. Even on the small starter levels I became lost more than once, with no real indication of where I was meant to go. In short, what I played feels like an unfinished mod project with rudimentary level design.”

It seems like report group was once no longer the one factor Royal Rudius failed at. There are numerous mods with a better degree of high quality than what Livingston describes however he’s nonetheless booking ultimate judgment till the correct model of the sport is launched.