Federal pass judgement on accuses Disney of ‘copyright misuse’ in lawsuit towards Redbox


Disney has misplaced its copyright lawsuit towards Redbox in a large approach. A California District Court pass judgement on now not handiest issued a judgment towards the studio’s strive at an injunction towards the condominium corporate but additionally went so far as accusing Disney of “copyright misuse” in his ruling.

As we reported again in December, Redbox does now not have an instantaneous distribution care for Disney love it does with different studios akin to Warner Bros. Instead, the corporate provides its condominium kiosks with retail variations of Disney flicks. These retail variations ceaselessly are available bundles which come with a DVD, a Blu-ray and a virtual obtain code for the video.

Redbox would disassemble those bundles, putting the DVDs and Blu-rays within the kiosks and repackaging the obtain codes on the market. This enraged Disney, so the studio filed swimsuit claiming the motion infringed on its copyrights. It additionally sought an injunction to prevent the observe.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Disney claimed these resales constituted contributory copyright infringement, a breach of contract, interference, false advertising and unfair competition.”

Disney’s reasoning in the back of this declare was once that it’s obviously mentioned on film packaging and at the Disney Movies Anywhere and RedeemDigitalMovie web pages that obtain codes are “non-transferable.”

Redbox’s protection, partly, was once that Disney was once attractive in copyright misuse. It mentioned the studio was once making an attempt “to stifle competition to more smoothly launch [its] own digital content streaming service, maximize the price other services like iTunes and Amazon (and their customers) pay for Disney movies and secure a greater market share for Hulu.”

In his ruling, Judge Dean Pregerson now not handiest agreed with Redbox however took it a step additional.

“The copyright misuse defense is not so narrow as Disney would have it. Indeed, copyright misuse need not even be grounded in anti-competitive behavior and extends to any situation implicating the public policy embodied in the grant of a copyright. The pertinent inquiry, then, is not whether the digital download services’ restrictive license terms give Disney power over some entirely unrelated product, but whether those terms improperly grant Disney power beyond the scope of its copyright.”

In Pregerson’s opinion, distribution rights of a unmarried copyrighted piece finish when the holder puts the paintings “into the stream of commerce.” This coverage is vital. Without it, there could be no used bookstores, no GameStops or anything that redistributes prior to now bought copyrighted items. It could be like telling any person who simply purchased your portray that they can not resell it.

“This improper leveraging of Disney’s copyright in the digital content to restrict secondary transfers of physical copies directly implicates and conflicts with public policy enshrined in the Copyright Act, and constitutes copyright misuse,” the pass judgement on wrote.

So as a substitute of snuffing out the Redbox drawback with its lawsuit, Disney has unfolded a complete different can of worms. The studio is now having a look at a countersuit by way of Redbox which thinks the corporate will have to face punitive measures for the copyright misuse together with suspension of its enforcement privileges as long as it continues to have interaction within the abuse.

It is going with out pronouncing that Disney will throw all of its considerable prison energy into making sure this doesn’t occur.