CES 2015: Landing of super cheap computers


With the arrival Intel Core 5th generation (after many times delay) and Windows 10 preparations revealed, CES 2015 is expected to be an extremely exciting stage of the computer. Unlike previous years when PC makers often take the product to their most elite school season or Christmas, a series of laptops, desktop computers and hybrid will be presented at CES this year, seemed the power of the latest Intel chip as well as to “pick out of place” Windows 10 operating system

CES 2015: Landing of super cheap computers
CES 2015: Landing of super cheap computers

Broadwell Wave

According to CNET, almost all PC makers will launch products based on Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 Intel 5th generation (codename Broadwell). This was not the current product range also been upgraded to chip Broadwell again. After several delayed launches, series processors will begin to be distributed to the hardware vendors from early 2015, promises to not only improve overall system performance, but also the battery life of the machine.

The first series of PC chips Broadwell (Core CPU M) was move appeared on the market, but new CES is the main landings. We will change the face of the PC in the exhibition items electronically, by many years, CES seems to be the playground of the small ultra-portable laptops, and tablet hybrid design or image processing expensive price only.

Instead, Broadwell is expected to help manufacturers significantly lower rates of high performance machine with her. The average selling price of PCs at CES this year with pocket friendly user than the previous year.

High resolution screen

Of course, the addition of innovative features for today’s laptop is very difficult, but the past few years, PC makers have tried to push the screen resolution up to 1080p from standard. Whether it is a resolution of 2560 x 1440, 3200 x 1800p or Full 4K (3840 x 2160p), the resolution will also appear on a lot on the market in 2015, mainly aimed at gamers or programming, graphics professionals ….

The superior gaming machine

From HP Omen until Razer Blade gaming laptop is no longer inferior to the desktop a heavenly one another. More PC makers launched the product with the power crisis, but the compact size to fit the trend. Besides, the screen is also available 4K gradually, promises a super-resolution gaming experience for players with not too exorbitant prices. This does not include bold new ideas such as curved screens or virtual reality headset to serve oculus like gaming, watching movies. At least there will be one or two models of laptop gaming performance at CES this type, such as Christine project.

The war of pricing

Chromebook has fired the opening gun in the race discounts when launching the machine less than 200 USD. Now, Microsoft and close ally caught up with products like the HP Stream 11 $ 199, which gives users of Windows 8 (plus one year of use Office 365), while the equivalent price laptop Chrome OS. Certainly no shortage of CES 2015 Windows 8 designed to compete with cheap Chromebook.

Windows 10

Although Windows 8 operating system will still be present at CES 2015, but most new Windows 10 platform is the most anticipated. Microsoft will hold an event dedicated to the operating system by the end of January there will be no more details are revealed at CES 2015, but surely, the rumors, the disclosure of information leakage will be filled with the rear hallway.

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