Russia claimed Russia thwarted a cyber attack from a foreign spy service

It is said thwarted a cyber attack from a foreign spy service. PCWorld. Used in the Web-hosting company for the alleged attack no indications of unusual activity in its servers

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The Kremlin in Moscow is seen by a frozen Volga on 17 December 2012.

The Government of the Federal Security Service made the statement on Friday without guilt on a particular country, but said that the attack should be carried on December 5 against a number of major Russian banks.

The hack would be the use of social media and text messages claims circulate a crisis in the financial system of Russia have recorded. Several dozen cities in the country the Federal Security Service had claimed that that it had already neutralized the threat took in the sights.

The security service went on to say that a Ukrainian Web-hosting company called BlazingFast was used to launch the attack by server based in the Netherlands. But BlazingFast said on Friday that there is no evidence of an imminent attack by its systems has found.

“We check all of our systems and network, and we were not changes abnormal pattern the FSB could result in accusations,” said the company in a Facebook entry. The Russian security service not in contact have been, he said.

“We have to assume, succeeded in FSB, cooperation to deal with the situation without the need of the BlazingFasts,” the Ukrainian company said. “Yet we show hereby publicly our willingness to cooperate with any legal person.” 

“Thousands of customers” has BlazingFast and monitors your network to prevent illegal activities, it said.

Russia’s security service provide no details about it, how it stopped or detected the attack. But it come when the country is already facing tensions with the United States over claims, the Russia is attempting to influence the last U.S. presidential election.

In October, U.S. intelligence publicly blame the Russian Government for supposedly several high-profile hacks, the US officials and political institutions, as a way to leak confidential information to the public targeted sponsorship. Obama administration has said its planning a possible answer, but it is unclear whether something, moreover, materializes a warning to Russia. In addition, hackers from the Ukraine said Russia have targeted. October leaked published hack into a Ukrainian group named CyberHunta emails from Russian officials, according to his account. Both the countries were locked bitter disputes after Russia Crimea by the Ukraine in the year 2014 in the annex.