Google’s word game for the living room: WiFi, Chromecast and home


After a series of leaks over the last couple of weeks Google finally entered the stage today reveal – or confirm – multiple hardware releases. As expected, was a part of the show home devices dedicated to. In particular rivals a new Wi-Fi router, a new Chromecast and a hybrid speaker/smart home Assistant, should Amazon’s echo.

Google’s word game for the living room: WiFi, Chromecast and home

Google WiFi

It was first to Google WiFi, a new router that is designed to be modular and easy to install, so that cover larger homes with Wi-Fi only hook up to one or several of them in a mesh network, which can. It is much like kits of luma or Eero, but considerably cheaper at $129 for a router or $299 for a three-pack. For comparison, the Eero put back $199 for a unit or $499 for three, and the luma is $150 and $400 or. Google WiFi supports AC1200 wireless speeds and concurrent dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5GHz-Netzwerken. It has smart beamforming technology and support for Bluetooth. The main features mentioned the company support a network feature that actively monitor and optimize your network and the ability to intelligently and automatically transition devices to the best access point and the right wireless channel to avoid traffic jams.

The router itself is shaped like a hockey puck with a bright blue light in the middle. There is no mention of the ports on the product page of Google WiFi or advanced features such as DLNA, port forwarding, QoS, VPN and others. There’s an accompanying app but, that will let you to prioritize things like Wi-Fi stop on certain devices, view, what devices are connected, and how much bandwidth they use, and bandwidth per device.

Google WiFi will be delivered for pre-order in the United States in November and December.

Chromecast ultra

Google also announced and you upgrade to its popular cheap Chromecast media streamer, which the company claims has sold more than 30 million units. Rather than its existing entry-level replace, the company introduced a new version of premium Chromecast called Ultra, which is able to deliver 4 K and HDR content from YouTube, Netflix and Vidi – from November Google play movies will be also releasing 4 K movies.

The device itself has a faster processor form the standard model Chromecast but packs the same 2-inch round and includes an Ethernet port for good measure.

Just like the original Chromecast, you can do all your favorite content from thousands of apps that work with your phone, tablet or laptop. To reflect all content from your Android device or a browser tab on your laptop (using chrome) on the TV.

The Chromecast ultra will be available in November for $69.

Google home page

Ultimately Google’s expected Amazon echo rivals originally announced in may, was detailed at the today’s event. These voice-controlled loudspeakers, powered by the Google Wizard focuses on four key features: playback of music, get answers from Google, manage your daily tasks and controlling smart home devices.

The device has a minimalist design without physical buttons and hidden LED lights on the top of the interface for visual feedback when receiving a voice command. In the event that you want to control it by hand, there are capacitive touch controls for music playback. Supported music services include Google play music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn and YouTube music with additional services like iheartradio’s will follow shortly. Google home page, you can set your favorite service as standard, so you need not to specify, which should play your music every time.

Google claims that the microphones are “best in class” and the speakers deliver a wide range with rich bass and clear highs. For privacy conscious is it a button mute mic on the home page so that you can control when the device is ready to receive and if it is not.

Because we talk about this Google there was a big emphasis on home ability to contextually relevant answers from the Google Wizard. Do not know the name of a song? Call some additional information, such as the artist and the film is and Google find and play for you. It can give you answers to things in real time, you want to know to translate sentences, perform simple mathematical calculations or convert units to get a prescription, get real-time information about the weather, the stock market, the traffic or your favorite team.

Google isn’t always the best answer needs so that his virtual assistant in other sources such as Wikipedia, if necessary bring you the best match will be tapped.

It can also more handle personalized on your day, features such information as dates, check the traffic situation to work, keep track of shopping lists, and much more. The device should be modular, so if you have two or three units at home, you can interact with each and only the closest is responding, or can you music on it at the same time.

Like ECHO, Google home page can interact with supported devices so you hue, nest, Samsung SmartThings and FOURSQUARE control lights, thermostats and switches with popular home automation systems such as Philips – with more coming soon.

Google home page will be available in stores from November, or you can sell pre-order now for $129 from the Google store, best buy, target and Walmart. - Instant Exchanger