Galaxy note 7 latest: permanently recalled 96 damage reports, sharing credit, $100 and more


Samsung could not the last month and a half have even worse script. Shortly after the launch of its new smart phones Galaxy, note 7 in August, Samsung delayed more posts and ultimately issued an official recall with the help of the U.S. consumer product safety Commission on 15 September by defective batteries, which could overheat and ignite.

Galaxy note 7 latest: permanently recalled 96 damage reports, sharing credit, $100 and more
Galaxy note 7 latest: permanently recalled 96 damage reports, sharing credit, $100 and more

The South Korean electronics giant asked buyers back their original Galaxy note 7 listeners in Exchange for one with a battery safely for use as. Before long, reports to surface began, were fire also wireless replacement phones.

Galaxy note 7 latest: permanently recalled 96 damage reports, sharing credit, $100 and more

The U.S. consumer product safety Commission on Thursday once again reminds the Galaxy grade 7 only a few days after Samsung permanently halting production, which probably best smartphone Samsung so far was the door lock. It’s unprecedented and unfortunate breaks down no matter how you’s.

For Samsung and its shareholders, it is a sobering setback, when you consider the company had just its Smartphone business back on track after a bumpy section while the Galaxy S5 era and was in an excellent position to compete with other flagship smartphones this holiday season. The Galaxy note 7 received rave reviews and was recognized as the best display of all time on a mobile device by DisplayMate.

It is also difficult, not for the unfortunate consumers feel bad the property, loss or suffered injuries as a result of equipment fire start. Some can consider it even as a black eye for the mobile industry as a whole, especially as innovation continues due to saturation and stalled ethmoid smartphones selling slowly.

So, where do we stand today?

The U.S. consumer product safety Commission says there were 96 reports of the batteries overheating in the United States alone about 23 since Sep 15 recall announcement. Samsung received 13 reports of 47 damage associated with the Galaxy and burns note 7

First things first-have a Galaxy note 7, discontinue use and turn it instantly. Still, the use of the mobile phone endangered not only you and your family for damage, but other also. What happens if you live in an apartment complex and the grade 7, they did not give up, catches fire and kills someone? Do you really want that on your conscious (not to mention the potential legal consequences)?

What is more, now, Samsung has reminded the Smartphone, like you get for it in the future after the jailbreak it is updated? Seriously, don’t risk it.

Galaxy note 7 owners who decide to do this, replace the device, up to $100 can get for an another Samsung Smartphone bill credit from selected carrier and retail stores. Those who have done so are entitled up to $75 statement credit in addition to the $25 previously received. Optionally, you can exchange your Galaxy note 7 for another brand of Smartphone or get a full refund. In both cases, you get still a credit of $25 for your efforts

For more information about the process of refund and Exchange can be find by visiting Samsung’s Web site. The callback was initially expected that Samsung when as a $1 billion, but during the second callback and loss of production costs, has swelled this figure to at least $2.3 billion based on a recent regulatory filing.

Far more cause for concern, but could the damage to the reputation of the company. In a recent survey of 1,000 Samsung customers branding brand found that 34 percent said she would buy not a different Smartphone of brand.

Pushed with the Galaxy note 7 on the sidelines, one must wonder if Samsung makes plans to speed up the arrival of the Galaxy S8 or the company is satisfied, adhere to precedent and keep it back up to the 1st quarter of 2017. I suspect there is simply not enough time, the Galaxy S8 on the market for the holidays but its launch of a month or two in the January-February window seems certain plausible all-in-all