Eloncity Bounty Special Task 3 – What is it about? And how to Join?


Eloncity is the 5th project that introduced and promoted by Krypital Group. The main idea of Eloncity is to decentralize the energy infrastructure into millions of self-sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competes with utilities. As a result, energy prices will become more transparent and people will use Eloncity’s open technology to create near-free electricity, providing clean electricity to the world.

Eloncity Bounty Special Task 3 – What is it about? And how to Join?
Eloncity Bounty Special Task 3 – What is it about? And how to Join?

Eloncity Bounty Special Task 3 – What is it about? And how to Join?

Special Task is an activity in the Eloncity Bounty program, where participants will be asked to do a specific job/activity/task to receive rewards (paid in Eloncity tokens, #ECT)

Eloncity Marketing Team has been successful with the Special Task 1 campaign (“Say something to our memories”) and the Special Task 2 campaign (“Eloncity Artwork Competition”), now, the team continues to create the Special Task 3 to continue to spread out Eloncity community.

This Special Task 3 is designed to receive feedback from the community. Participants need to ask the Eloncity Team questions by commenting on the comment in the ANN-Thread of the Eloncity project on the bitcointalk.org forum (link below). Good questions, meaning will receive rewards. We can ask questions, report an error on the ANN-Thread or Bounty Thread, and give your views and judgments so that your comment is eligible.


  • Time to participate: From 07/16 to 07/22
  • The Reward number is limited, first come first serve.
  • Participants must participate in the Eloncity Telegram Group, including: https://t.me/Eloncityhttps://t.me/KrypitalBountyhttps://t.me/KrypitalNews
  • The registration form will be opened as soon as the target community in the below table. Participants must provide their Tokeneed UID on the registration form to receive the reward.
  • Don’t repeat your reply. We are not responsible for any Bitcointalk rules.
  • Winner list will be released in the Telegram bounty Group.


Reward Number

Reward Amonut
(ECT per person)

1. Reach the 535th floor 30 20
2. Reach the 600th floor 50 40
3. Reach the 730th floor 100 50

The more people participate, the more rewards we get.

The Overview of Eloncity – The Highest Potential ICO Project in Q3/2018

Energy is the origin of life. It would be great if Eloncity could apply Blockchain technology into electricity generation, distribution and management.

In the previous articles, I introduced and reviewed Eloncity ICO project in details. You can find all the articles about Eloncity here at http://techcubers.com/topics/eloncity/

Eloncity's CEO is coming Vietnam for "Making The Impossible Possible 2018 World Tour"The Eloncity public sales event will open in this Q3/ 2018 via Tokeneed ICO platform. If you do not have an account at Tokeneed yet, sign up via this link to get 3% addition bonus.