CyberMiles – Blockchain for e-commerce: Travis TestNet on Mar 30, 2018


CyberMiles - Blockchain for e-commerceCyberMiles – Blockchain for e-commerce


CyberMiles is a new blockchain platform with cutting-edge features, designed and developed specifically for e-commerce and transactional applications. CyberMiles is expected to take place Ethereum in the future.


CyberMiles is a 5xlab product and is backed by 5miles, so the initial goal of CyberMiles is towards the community of 5miles. However, in this review I do not want to say too much about what 5miles want to do with blockchain CyberMiles, I am a tech enthusiast, I will spend a lot of time talking about the new and good points of blockchain CyberMiles

First of all, it must be determined that CyberMiles is a new platform, which aims to be a means by which communities can access and use blockchain technology for a variety of purposes, primarily e-commerce. This means that the team of a project can use the tools of CyberMiles to create their own applications and tokens. This is extremely similar to the way we are using the Ethereum platform, but CyberMiles promises to give the community more power, more options, more benefits:

• Can perform 10,000 TPS with the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) mechanism, 100 times faster than Ethereum

• Provide a Smart Contract, which is equivalent to the Ethereum Smart Contract, a fixed method for confirming transactions and creating new blocks. The difference between a smart business contract does not require the development team to write the application from scratch, instead the team can access a set of middle-ware, called application packages, similar to Programming libraries make the process simpler, faster, and more productive.

• Provide contract templates available, easily customizable according to the nature and purpose of the application.

• Allows creation of distributed, isolated and non-blockchain applications for security reasons.


What is the  advantages of CyberMiles in comparison to Ethereum

• High Performance: Fully compatible with Ethereum and can run all smart contracts and Dapps of Ethereum. However, CyberMiles is 100 times faster than Ethereum in terms of  TPS.

• More secure: CyberMiles proactively blocks common smart contract errors that cause damage on Ethereum. And if a deficit still exists, CyberMiles supports an on-chain management process to fund the acquisition transparently through community consensus.

• Low price or free: CyberMiles are friendly and cheaper than Ethereum. CyberMiles transactions may be Free for the most popular activities. The platform achieves this without compromising the security of the network.

CyberMiles Roadmap

• 04.2014: Established 5miles LLC.

• 06.2014: 5miles received $ 5 million investment in Series A from SIG

• 10.2014: Start testing the 5miles app

• 01.2015: Launched 5miles application in the United States

• 06.2015: 5miles received $ 17 million in Series B investment, managed by IDG and Morningside.

• 11.2015: 5miles introduces user verified technology and phishing detection, further enhancing the safety features for advanced markets.

• 01.2016: Total value of goods of 5miles reached $ 100 million; received $ 30 million investment in Series B-1, managed by Blue Lake and Puhua.

• 01.2017: 5miles surpassed 11 million users, becoming one of the top 10 shopping apps in the United States (figures from the Similar Web); Start exploring the blockchain initiative.

• 06.2017: 5miles received $ 10 million in investment funds

• 08.2017: 5xlab officially launched, focus on blockchain program CyberMiles; Developed CyberMiles version 0.1.

• 10.2017: 5xXlab started releasing CyberMiles token (CMT)

• 06.2018: 5miles application starts accepting CMT to promote applications for the market

• 12.2018: 5xLab launches CyberMiles version 1.0.

• 03.2019: CyberMiles module is ready to be used on other platforms to promote broad acceptance.

CyberMiles Travis TestNet on Mar 30, 2018
CyberMiles Travis TestNet on Mar 30, 2018

CyberMiles Travis TestNet on Mar 30, 2018

In th first release of the CyberMiles TestNet, code-named Travis, we focus on the #1 goal above. CyberMiles’ Travis TestNet provides a strong alternative to Ethereum, especially for e-commerce use cases.

  • It is fully compatible with Ethereum and can run all Ethereum smart contracts and Decentralized Applications (DApps). Yet it is 100 times faster than Ethereum
  • It is safer than Ethereum. The CyberMiles blockchain proactively stops common smart contract bugs that had caused loss of fund on Ethereum. And if a loss of funds still occurs, CyberMiles supports an on-chain governance process to transparently recover the fund through community consensus.
  • It is more user-friendly and cheaper to use than Ethereum. The CyberMiles blockchain waives transaction fees for most common operations. It achieves this without sacrificing security of the network.


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