Car buyers are more willing to share data, if they back


Car buyers and mobility app users all over the world are aware of problems with privacy and increasingly ready to share personal information for specific applications, according to a new survey.

Car buyers are more willing to share data, if they back

The survey by McKinsey & Company by more than 3,000 consumers in the United States, China and Germany found that 90% know, certain data (such as your current position, address book information and browser history) are for applications accessible and disclosed to third parties.

Asked whether they consciously decided certain applications on their personal data access, 79% said yes, even if they usually, that disable access for other applications, can.

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“In any case, American consumer proved to their Chinese or German counterparts, but also at the lower end of interviewed slightly more guarded 85% US answered the first question affirmative and 73% Yes answered, the second” McKinsey & Company survey report found.

American consumers were also more than the respondents in Germany or China when it came to providing personal data for car-related apps guarded. But a majority of respondents in all countries were on board-as long as the application of the consumer needs.

For example, 70% of Americans were willing to share, while 90% of Chinese respondents PII to preventive maintenance your personal data for connected navigation services (the most popular app of the respondents), (the most popular application option in this country) to enable would share.

The respondents also showed that they paid were ready for many data-enabled features. In Germany, for example, 73% said they would pay for networked parking services and China 78% would numbers rather than free to choose ad-funded version of this options for predictive maintenance.

73 percent of Americans surveyed said she would for the monitoring of use pay services, 72% for networked parking and 71% for proactive maintenance instead of selecting free ad-funded version.

“Although the game too soon, these expressions of consumer cooperation – in the automotive industry, at least – suggest, to meet concerns about the sharing of data can, if the value proposition is clear” noted in the report.