Apple fixes iPhone finally 6 plus mobile phones “touch disease”


It is concerned her iPhone 6 plus beset by a flickering screen, or is it no longer responds to touch? It can be so called touch suffer disease, an epidemic, we reported back in August. Finally, Apple offers a repair program to affected iPhones fix. 

The tech giant – which has since then iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 moved to the plus – the program announced Thursday. In his words, “Flickering or multitouch display problems” occur when the iPhone 6 plus “is omitted several times on a hard surface and then falling further pressure on the device.” 

While’s discarded mobile phones, offers something to repair Apple, working devices the those described for a service price of $149/£146.44/AU$228.95 symptoms.

If you have already paid for a repair, Apple or an authorized service provider says you contact to arrange for reimbursement. This will be that the difference between what you originally paid and the price of the program service. 

If you have not been contacted, but you touch paid repair for a disease, you can contact Apple support channel.

As iPhone 6 plus

Will be repaired it in case it’s unclear, the program applies only to that plus iPhone 6. When we reported on the problem first appeared iPhone 6 devices suffer disease even to touch. 

We have asked Apple, taken on why the phone is not in the program, and to update when we learn this story.

To participate in the multi-touch-repair program Apple sees your iPhone 6 plus must be in order, and the screen cannot be cracked or broken. 

You can service option, including the search for an Apple authorized service provider, your go to an Apple retail store or Apple, contact technical support. 

Important to note: mobile operators are not on the fix-it program to participate. Before a repair is executed, your iPhone 6 plus about be considered, is to determine whether it is suitable for the program. 

As always, keep in mind that your cell phone back up, before you there for repairs in take. The program, which offers Apple worldwide, open retail for five years from the first date of purchase of the device. 

That is a good long while, but if you already not able your iPhone 6 plus or are sick, the flickering, you probably no longer want to wait.