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Tech Cuber was found in 2012 by a group of who’d love mobile & internet technology. We aim to bring to visitors/users useful knowledge and experiences by many articles of product review (Mobile review, smartphone review, tablet review, laptop review) and update the latest of technology news as well as tips and tricks sharing.

We are not paid by any of the manufacturers whose products we review. It ensures that our site will offer you unbiased reviews and opinions of the products you’re considering purchasing. Our staff writes all reviews on this site, they are never farmed out to commercial writing firms. Manufacturers do loan us the products we review, but that does not influence our opinion of the products.

So how do we manage to make a living? A percentage of our revenue comes from banner advertising and the rest comes from merchandise links you’ll see to buy the products we review. These links go to our trusted affiliates’ stores such as Amazon.com, Click Bank. Our affiliates pay us a small percentage for every item purchased via one of these merchandise links.

Our affiliates are some of the best in the industry, and perhaps more importantly, they’re the folks we’ve been buying from as consumers for years because of their very low prices, fast shipping, reputability and quality of customer service. So if you decide to buy a device after reading our reviews, do us a favor and use the links on our site to make your purchase: you’ll get a good deal and we’ll be able to continue serving you this site. Thanks!

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